FHE Made Easy: October Week 3

This week’s lesson is Mormon witnessing the destruction of the Nephites. You’ll need to print out the coloring page beforehand, and have crayons on hand of course, and that is it! You are completely ready for Family Home Evening. How good does that feel? One thing I love about having an entire year of family home evening prepared is that I can print out any handouts, coloring pages, games, etc., and not have to even think about FHE until it’s time to begin!

Week 3: Mormon Witnesses the Destruction of the Nephites

If you’re new here, welcome to FHE Made Easy! I post a lesson each week on Mondays that follow the Book of Mormon lessons from Primary this year. I also offer the entire year of lessons for only $10. My lessons are simple and are in PDF format so you can even view them from your tablet or iPad! Or simply print and begin.

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4 Responses to FHE Made Easy: October Week 3

  1. Veronica says:

    It’s so nice not having to worry about preparing one more thing. These lessons are great! Thanks for allowing us to use them.


  2. Abby says:

    Thank you!

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