FHE Made Easy: October Week 4

This lesson, on the Jaredites leaving Babylon, includes a fun object lesson/activity. Un-Slacker Moms could paint rocks white as a ‘prayer rock’ or a ‘testimony rock,’ but the rest of us are going to keep it real with a simple sheet-tent and a flashlight. (I need a word for ‘un-slacker mom’ that doesn’t make the rest of us want to cry in bed all day…) You may want to remind older kids that this story of the Jaredites happened long before¬†Lehi and his family left Jerusalem. The records were found in the latter part of the Book of Mormon, and Mormon stuck the Book of Ether in according to when the people re-discovered the record. And uh, that’s all I can remember without actually opening the Book of Mormon.

Week 4: Jaredites are Led to the Promised Land

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