FHE Made Easy: October Week 5

If you are using a tablet or an iPad for this lesson, be sure to print out the coloring page ahead of time. (Y0u can print out all the handouts, coloring, printables, and more for the year by buying below!) One thing I love about FHE Made Easy is that it’s so easy to adjust for your family. This lesson is a great launching point for teens to discuss making right and safe choices, but you can also keep it to a primary-and-younger appropriate level.

Week 5: Jaredites Reject the Prophets

FHE Made Easy are weekly family home evening lessons. I post them for free, but you can grab the year of lessons for just $10! The lessons are tablet and iPad ready, just click the links and go. It’s a slacker way to follow the commandment of holding Family Home Evening each week! Buying the whole year makes your Family Home Evening lesson a breeze!

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