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Update: 2012 is over, and so is this sale! Sorry you missed it!

Happy Labor Day, everyone!
I hope you have something great planned–preferrably, a little slacking at its finest? Today is a very special FHE Made Easy. As you may now, FHE Made Easy follows (roughly) the senior Primary lesson manual for the Book of Mormon. As we are now into September, and its a holiday, I’m thrilled to announce that FHE Made Easy will be
only $5

The catch? (If you could call it that!) I’m requesting you ‘share’ this before you buy it: tweet it on Twitter, Pin It on Pinterest, or share it on Facebook. You can even send it out as an email to everyone you know who would love it. Just share FHE Made Easy and leave a “note to seller” as you check out to let me know how you shared the love.

Now for the lesson!
In the Book of Mormon, we read how Christ came to the Americas after His death. In this  lesson, we talk about the Savior teaching the Beatitudes to the Nephites. You’ll need to print off the activity and have access to a map or a globe. Just watch the video, a short discussion, and you’re done! That’s the beauty of family home evening the slacker mom way. ;)

September Week 1: Jesus Christ Teaches the Beatitudes

FHE Made Easy is a weekly Monday series where I post quick and easy Family Home Evening ideas. It’s the most painless way to do Family Home Evening. The lessons are even tablet and iPad friendly. Just hold your tablet on your lap and share with your family. They’re even linked to the songs, no piano skills necessary. You can buy the entire year of lessons for only $10. You’ll be prepared at a moments notice (you know how Monday night seems to sneak up on you!?) with little or no prep each week.

Buy Now

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6 Responses to FHE Made Easy – NOW ON SALE!

  1. Abby says:

    Thank you!

  2. Michelle says:

    I just purchased your Fhe made easy but I am feeling somewhat impaired. I can’t figure out how to access the stuff I paid for. Do I need to do something special. I didn’t get an email, but I do know my account was charged through Paypal. If you could let me know what to do that would be fabulous. My email is michelletschmidt@gmail.com

  3. Melissa says:

    THANK YOU! i LOVE this FHE set. I can’t wait to start doing this with my family! Thanks!

  4. kay robison says:

    Hey I can’t get the fhe I paid for downloaded. Can you email them to me. Thanks Kay

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