FHE Made Easy: September Week 2

Note: Don’t forget to print the activity before the lesson tonight! Today’s FHE Made Easy lesson is about Jesus healing the sick and blessing the children. Is there any more sweet, sacred story about Jesus and His love for the children anywhere in the scriptures? “Behold your little ones…” a beautiful message that ends with angels encircling the Nephite children about as Jesus weeps with love for them! I love this story. I love knowing my children know that the Savior loves them, and there is simply no better story to illustrate this!

September Week 2: Jesus Christ Heals the Sick and Blesses the Children

If you just found FHE Made Easy, welcome! Each Monday, I post easy Family Home Evening lessons that involve little to no preparation so you can print and go. Better yet, open them on your tablet or ipad, as they are all linked for you! The lessons coordinate with the Primary lesson manual (Primary 4: Book of Mormon), so you can reinforce what your children are learning in Primary this year. You can buy the entire year for only $10. If you’ve missed previous lessons, simply start over in January!

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5 Responses to FHE Made Easy: September Week 2

  1. Emily says:

    I just found your blog and I love it! ALL OF IT! A group of us are starting a home rotating preschool tomorrow and am THRILLED about your “walk beside me” preschool.
    THANK YOU so much for opening up your blog and passing all of your hard work and effort along! It will really be a huge blessing to my family!


  2. Gina says:

    Just found your site… and I am in fresh need of some FHE ideas! Thanks!

  3. […] page beforehand, and have crayons on hand of course, and that is it! You are completely ready for Family Home Evening. How good does that feel? One thing I love about having an entire year of family home evening […]

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