FHE Made Easy: September Week 4

Free Prayer Printable

Prep alert! I have been so excited about this Family Home Evening lesson plan, I hope you won’t mind just a little bit of prep. You’ll need an 8×10 picture frame (Dollar Store, or one you have on hand!), a dry erase marker, brads, and the printables. 

Free Prayer Printable

This lesson comes complete with a prayer printable. Print and frame it. After you discuss the lesson, talk to your children about things and people for whom you can pray. Then, as certain needs come up in your daily lives, use a dry erase marker to write them directly onto the picture frame glass. Hang the image where your family says their prayers together to help them think of things and people we can say in our prayers.

September Week 4: Jesus Christ Teaches the Nephites to Pray (Free Version)

The free version of this lesson only comes with one printable, but when you purchase the entire year of FHE Made Easy, you will get five printables so you can pick a style that suits your personal preference! FHE Made Easy is posted free each Monday, or you can grab the whole year (including the bonus printables!) for just $10. Don’t forget, the lessons are iPad and tablet friendly, and are almost always print-and-go, or if you’re on a tablet, open-and-go!

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