FHE Made Easy – Week 4

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 It’s ready! Another week of fabulous, easy Family Home Evening lessons! This week’s focus is on prayer, as the lesson is:

Week 4: Enos Prays

This is a great time to review (or learn!) the proper steps of prayer with your child. Speaking of children, I mentioned last week that for younger kids, you can use treats during your lesson to keep their hands and mouths busy. (Eating cookies, that is.) For older children, we have had success with the following. We show them the treat, be it cookies or brownies, or whatever, and tell them that each time they misbehave, we take a bit. For real. It usually only takes one or two bites for them to realize that we’re pretty serious about this.
{I didn’t say we were the nicest parents in the world, now did I?}

If you are loving these lessons like we are, grab the entire year for only ten dollars. You can print out all the lessons and visual aids and various coloring pages, have them filed and ready to go. Family home evening ready in five minutes or less. Brownies are not included in this offer. :(

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4 Responses to FHE Made Easy – Week 4

  1. Marci Kelley says:


    I bought your fhe lesson plans and am loving them! I am putting together a binder so it is always ready to go. I got to June week 2 and there was an an activity #4 on Sugar doodle with Hershey kisses that did not have a link. Also it said read Faith in Jesus Christ which also did not have a link. When you get a minute will you send me the links or tell me where to search for them.

    Thanks SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!


  2. Marci Kelley says:

    Hi again,

    In the August week 4 lesson it says Read Jesus Christ appears to the Nephites but there is no link for this. Could you please send me this also or tell me where to search for it.

    Thank you!

    • Marci, the newest and proof-read version is in progress! But I will send you what I have so far. :) Once I have the official upgrade ready, everyone who has purchased the FHE Made Easy lessons will get an updated copy. Thanks for your help!

      • Marci Kelley says:

        Thank you! No worries, as I am not that far yet I just wanted to get them all ready and in a binder. I also noticed that on September week 1 there is no link for Jesus Christ Teaches and Prays with the nephites video clip. September week 4 there is not a link for the “I can pray for others booklet”. October week 4 there was no link for sugar doodle net activity/story #3. November week 1 there was no link for the moroni flannel board figures. November week 3 there is no link to the video “The promise of the book of mormon” or “is it really true”. November week 4 there was no link for “read priesthood blessings” from the friend.
        Thank you!

        I am so excited to use the lessons with my family. You have done an amazing job with this!!!


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