General Conference Fun & Games

General Conference Fun and Games

Come listen to living prophets
A reader on Facebook asked the other day if I had any fun activities for the upcoming session of  General Conference. I assured her that the latest FHE Made Easy was all about preparing your family for conference. On Tuesday I re-posted an archived post entitled General Conference on the Go, full of ideas for listening to conference as you travel.

Today I’d like to focus on activities to do while you’re home listening to conference. In some ways, this can almost be harder than entertaining young children in the car. The children in the car are buckled and really have little to no choice in the matter about listening to conference. The children at home, however, have many many distractions from which to choose, with little limitations in wandering about.

If you expect your children to sit and watch/listen to conference, you need a battle plan. Like Sacrament meeting, you can’t walk in unprepared, or you’ll end up miserable and more than likely, end up leaving early. I thought it would be fun to make some of my own General Conference printables, like I’ve done with the Walk Beside Me preschool. As I started though, I realize that much of what I wanted to do… has been done. There are so many fantastic resources for fun General Conference activities, that it would be redundant to make another.

What I’ve done instead is compile a fairly comprehensive {if I do say so myself!} resource for General Conference activities. I put them, where else, on Pinterest! I’ve taken care to check each of the links to make sure they are active, and will lead you to the original post, so feel free to pin away! If I’ve forgotten any important links, or you’d like me to add your own link, feel free to comment below or email me at Enjoy!

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