Rebecca’s Baptism

In my church, 8 is the age when you are baptized. Rebecca was baptized last Saturday, so of course I went crazy with the camera. I just wanted to post a few of my favorites of our beautiful girl. She’s growing up so fast! You can learn more about baptism and the LDS church here. 

Here’s her invitation. I wanted to get her pictures done in her dress prior to making invites, but the weather was horrible, so I just used her school pictures. 
I didn’t actually send these out to more than a couple of people. :) This was edited for internet privacy.

Isn’t she gorgeous? I think this one I’ll end up framing for sure.
Showing off her dress from Nana.

Nicole handed her this flower and so Rebecca, a natural model, began to pose with it.

This pose was Rebecca’s idea. At first I was like, “um, whatever,” but I like how it turned out. See? A total natural.

In front of the Salt Lake Temple.

Like I said, I had planned to do these pictures way in advance. Then I ended up taking 4 kids to Temple Square by myself and doing the pictures on Friday, in hopes of having them edited and printed by Saturday morning. Which so didn’t happen! 
We believe in baptism by total immersion so she wore a jumpsuit during the ceremony. 

Rebecca and Daddy. Gary preformed the baptism and confirmation (receiving the Gift of the Holy Ghost).

And of course, the family picture. Seriously not the best picture ever (lighting, outfits, grumpy baby, etc) but at least we were all there together. I won’t go into who wasn’t there, other than Garden was crushed. :) That was the one downside to the day. Overall though she enjoyed her Special Day! We really appreciated the family that could made it.
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