Slacking + Dress Shopping = Fail

You know the little naughty child who grabs his mommy’s scissors and chops all his sister’s hair off?
That was totally me yesterday.
Yeah, I pretty much cut Rebecca’s hair yesterday.
Two youtube videos and away we went.

That’s what I was going to post about.

Or, I was going to post about my insane(ly manic) burst of energy where I totally cleaned out my entire pantry.
The pantry where you had to shield your head when you opened the door.
Then shove it all back in as you close the door.

Random fact: my son is talking in his sleep in the next room. I kinda want to listen in…
Sounds like a fairly serious conversation though.
It wouldn’t be polite.

Anyway. Instead, I’m totally disappointed. I drove all over the valley
{Salt Lake is pretty big, if you need a frame of reference}
trying to find the perfect dresses for our upcoming temple sealing. If I got white for the girls, do I get white for my step daughter, who is not being sealed to us? Do I get another color? Do I sew all the dresses and keep it simple? Do I blow the budget or buy used?

Oh, and family pictures are Monday. So online ordering is pretty much out.

I finally found a gorgeous dress for Rebecca, my stepdaughter. I ended up picking a beautiful ivory bubble dress. The store only special ordered in the sizes I need for Nicole and Abigail. The dresses wouldn’t be in by Monday, so on I went.

I ended up at a fantastic store with everything I needed. Off the rack, sizes 24 months, 4T, and 10. Matching white dresses. Ooh, matching dresses! I have a thing for matching dresses. Is that just a mom thing, or a me thing? I never know, because Gary thinks I’m slightly crazy. But he’s not a mom.

Of course, the price tag for 3 white dresses… is crazy. $60 for a white dress for some of the messiest people I know? This sounds like poor planning.
But… but… they match.

And on my mental anguish went.
Naturally, I ended up at Target.
Which doesn’t carry pretty white dresses for temple sealings.

I wandered.
It was late.
I was pooped.
I have no clue what to do tomorrow.
Family pictures – three shopping days away.
I lose. :(

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One Response to Slacking + Dress Shopping = Fail

  1. Laura says:

    I totally understand the wanting to match thing (I have 2 boys and I like them to match sometimes). My husband isn’t a member, so my boys aren’t sealed to us. I look forward to hopefully being sealed together someday. But even then, it will be much easier to find clothes for boys to wear than for girls. I think that is usually the case. Good luck, I hope you find something by today!

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