7- No, 8!- Things I Want You To Know.

Long time no see. There’s been a lot going on. Life and stuff. I may have forgotten I have a blog. Just for a tiny bit. Can’t promise that’s been remedied. Going to give you an update, list style. Here we go.

  1. My baby girl turned three. I’m not a fan of her getting big (she was the best two year old ever, I kinda just want to squish all that cuteness down and stay all squishy and hilarious and little forever). If she gets big, I have no baby. Then I might want a baby. I DO NOT WANT A BABY. I DO NOT WANT A BABY.
  2. I mopped my floor today. Serious sanitizing style. We have been sick, sick, sick. By the time everyone has been sick, we all get sick with something else. Much more sanitizing to be done. Maybe.
  3. I made a quilt. I finished it on my daughter’s birthday. Tutorial coming soon, probably, perhaps, because I’m so stinking proud of this quilt. It’s ridiculous in its cuteness, much like its intended recipient.
  4. Playdates. Not a fan. I feel like once the friend is six or older, I have to totally clean my house because obviously everyone has a cleaner house than I do. Heaven forbid those six year olds find out.
  5. Still quilting! In fact, it’s way more fun to look on flickr at all the amazingly gorgeous quilts than… well, pretty much anything. Like cleaning. Parenting. Blogging. It can’t be helped, there are thousands of them and I must see them all!
  6. There’s a fine line between dirty and disgusting. My bedroom has offically crossed that line and my husband is pleading with me to clean it while he works 60 hours a day. Doesn’t he know I have quilts to look at and create?!
  7. Did you really think I was going to post a picture of my bedroom in its disgusting state? No way. That would be too too too embarrassing.
  8. I think I broke my tablet. Apparently it’s not meant to be used for fanning my face after a mopping spree. Crap.

Huh. There are seven eight things on that list. That’s pretty random.

The end.

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