8/3/2011: Saving Money While Wasting Time

I hope I’m not jumping the gun here in posting this week’s best deals, but there are some great ones I wanted to share with you!

First, every Mom’s favorite kind of deal:
coupons to eat out on the cheap! 
(Can you say: I’m not making dinner tonight!)

click the picture!
Just sign up for the Chili’s newsletter, and you instantly get Free Chips & Queso, plus they email out additional coupons a few times a month! It changes, but most recently they sent out a coupon for free dessert! 

Click the picture!
I’ve talked about Totsy before. Right now they have Disney products on sale! They have Disney books for $2.35 shipped, Pillow Pets for $11.10, and Disney Princess books for only $3.10! This is a great time to start stockpiling Christmas gifts because believe or not, Black Friday is optional! There’s tons of items on sale right now, and all super cute. And don’t forget to refer your friends to earn $15!

click the picture!
I’m sure you all heard of SwagBucks, but may I just remind you to join Swagbucks! I’ve heard of people paying for their entire holiday season just for doing things they’d normally do (like search the internet) on SwagBucks!

Now, if you’re really into wasting time…
and earning money while doing it
rather than spending it…
Click the picture!
You can do quick little surveys. They generally don’t take much of your time (easily accomplished during naptime!), and they pay you. That’s pretty much the best thing ever, am I right? There are many survey sites to choose from. I recommend the one above or this one
Click the picture!
In fact, I recommend you signing up for both of them. Most surveys have a certain demographic they are looking to obtain information from, so the more survey sites you are signed up for, the more surveys you’ll find that you can do.

Now, I know I’ve been slacking from my regularly scheduled program.
Ha! “Regular.” Like I do anything on a regular basis!
For some reason life is just busy right now. I guess it’s the end-of-summer madness, where professional procrastinators like myself realize we’re running out of time for doing all things that we were going to do this summer. 

There you are. Plenty of ways to save money without even leaving your chair.
Truly the best kind of plan!
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