A “nice normal family!” {Free Printable!}

We're a Nice Normal Family - Free Printable

I’m still in my pajamas at 2:00 pm.
My kids had lunch an hour ago… and we ate breakfast at 10 a.m.
Summer days, I’ve decided, are like three school weeks.

We’ve been killing time… and trying not to kill each other. It’s going super well.

My sister requested a quote in vinyl, inspired from this pin. I thought it would be fun to make up a printable too. The quote: “Remember, as far as anyone knows… we’re a nice normal family.”

Let’s not let the cat of the bag. We’re all normal here! *wink*wink*

I’m offering this free printable in eight colors and two different sizes. (Whoa, that’s sixteen choices there.) This download is also available as a black and white jpeg (without the border) for your vinyl cutter. There are also individual jpeg downloads for printing at a photo shop.

Feel free to link to this post, but not the pdf file itself. This download is for personal, non-commercial use only. Thanks!

Click here for the 12×12 pdf set.
Click here for the 6×6 pdf set.

Click here for the black and white jpeg version (for cutting out with a vinyl cutter!)

Click below to download the jpeg images, perfect for sending down to your local Costco for printing. These are sized at 12×12 but will easily print smaller for you if you desire!

Pink jpeg
Yellow jpeg
Tan jpeg
Hot pink jpeg
Orange jpeg
Green jpeg
Aqua jpeg
Brown jpeg 

I’d love to show you images of the final project… but as my sister will tell you, I have not actually delivered the requested vinyl signs. :/

Which color printable is your favorite? I ♥ the aqua, though the green matches my home the best!
Do you have a favorite quote that represents your family?


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  1. Thanks for making this! I’m sharing it on our Facebook page today. -Christy

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