Creating a Morning Routine {My Attempt}

If you’ve been following along on Facebook, you know that I’ve been attempting to establish a morning routine, one itty bitty baby step at a time. This week I’ve been focusing on simply getting dressed by 9 a.m.

{I know many of you are out the door by 9 a.m. and are rolling your eyes. However, I think most would agree when you have no place to go (as I usually don’t in the morning), it can be difficult to get up and get going without an established routine.}

Morning Routine

I’ve been doing very well in my super simple “routine” and have gotten dressed by 9 a.m each day. This routine is so simple it doesn’t include hair, makeup, shoes, or dressing my children. Even as simple as it has been, I’ve noticed a small change in my daily productivity. I’m less likely to lounge around in bed for hours when I’m wearing pants with a waistband!

I’ve been mulling over what to add next to my incredibly easy routine. If I jump in with too much, the whole thing is shot, I promise you that. I need to decide the next baby step to keep up my momentum without overwhelming myself. I’ve thought about adding hair (and or makeup), reading scriptures before dressing (if you’re following along, this could be your personal meditation/journaling time as well), making my bed, or perhaps something else?

As I’m deciding to do what’s next, I’ve found a few helpful blog posts on establishing morning routines. Here are a few that I enjoyed:

From the Modern Alternative Mama, I found a post on creating a routine that works. Hers includes writing up a “Not To Do” list, which she explains:

The purpose of this quick little assessment is not to create a ‘TO DO’ list. Its sole purpose is to create a ‘NOT TO DO’ list. If I need to wash the diapers I will not try to wash the bedding. If my husband needs clean work clothes I will not wash towels. If I need to make phone calls or write emails I will not spend the morning on facebook or pinterest. If I have plans to do school lessons with the children I will not take the morning to start a sewing project.

In Get Simplifized, she mentions specific concepts to consider while brainstorming your routine, as well as offers some ideas for getting started.

I also really liked The Inspired Room’s 5 Minute Morning Routine. 5 minutes? I can do 5 minutes! She breaks it down short and sweet, and it seems like a great approach to creating a non-overwhelming routine for yourself. (She also links to a post in which she explains how she keeps her house “clean enough” that I absolutely love.)

Of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about FlyLady while sharing blog posts about morning routines! FlyLady is the Queen of Routine (a title I just made up but I’m sure she would gladly accept). I’ve done FlyLady consistently for about 6 weeks. I understand that I failed because while she cautions over and over to baby step your way to clean, I’m not generally a baby step kind of person. There were a few things that confused me about her system, but while I used it, my house stayed cleaner than it has ever been–before, or since! I’m hoping that creating my morning routine baby baby step at a time, I’ll be closer to being able to “FLY” and successfully follow along some variation of her system.

If you’re following along–or if you’re a master of routine yourself–what’s the next baby step I should add into my day?

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3 Responses to Creating a Morning Routine {My Attempt}

  1. Sandy Grant says:

    I too am trying to work on routines. It totally stinks though that I can work so hard and get myself into a habit, do really good for a couple weeks and then it only takes one or two days and I have to start all over again. That said I would say that the best thing to do for my Morning routine is to actually make sure my dishes are done before I go to bed the night before. That means I start the dish washer even if it isn’t full (rarely happens, I have 8 people dirtying dishes). I also homeschool and I start school at 9am. I often don’t come out of my room until 9a.m., but at 9 I hope to be dressed and have my bed made. (I have older kids so I can get away with this. When they were all little I got up when the kids did or I was in trouble.)

    To point out how great my routine is going however I must admit that the dishes aren’t going to get done tonight. “insert excuse here”.. It is 11:30pm though and I need to go to bed, the dishes will have to wait and I will have to get back on that habit as soon as possible.

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  3. […] unslackerig. Und auch allgemein werden überraschend viele Arbeitsaufträge formuliert. So erwähnt ein Slacker-Blog die eigentlich schöne Idee einer Not-to-do-Liste. Diese bedeutet aber […]

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