Happy Mother’s Day

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Hey, you.
Yeah, you.

The mom who has kids in dirty clothes, third day running?
You, who can’t remember when she got a shower, let alone her kids got a bath?
I’m talking to the mom who can’t find her kids’ left shoes to save her life. Not a single left shoe in the entire house.
Also, you, the mom who can’t craft, can’t cook, can’t bake, can’t do anything remotely homemaker-y, and hires a cleaner.
Even you… the mom who
works outside the home.

Listen up.
I’ve got something to tell you.
And it’s important.

So put down your iphone and stay off of Twitter for a second. You don’t need to pin that project on pinterest right now because let’s all be honest, you’re never going to make it anyway.

Are you listening to me?
Here it is:

Happy Mother’s Day.

You deserve to hear it most of all, the day when we feel the least like the best mom ever.

Because even when you lost the keys in the dirty laundry (again) and you screamed at your kids (again) and you are terrified someone might come to your front door and see the state your living room is in (again) and you have no idea what’s for dinner today, tomorrow, or the next (again)…

There is no one, and I mean no one, your kids would rather have for a mom.
Slacker ways and all.

And that makes you the best mom ever.

PS – Obviously I have to say happy mother’s day to my own mom. So yeah… gushy moment over. Whew.
PPS – Just kidding mom. I love you.

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