Murphy’s Law, continued

Ok, last week I moaned and complained about not having a vehicle.
I’m stuck at home! I can’t take my kids anywhere! We’re stranded here with nothing but ourselves for entertainment. What could be worse?

True to Murphy’s Law, things got worse. Serves me right for complaining. We are now Internet-less too. And naturally, we use Netflix as our only form of television.

Let me paint you a picture here, folks. We wake up in the morning and watch some DVDs. Once we’re all fully awake, we eat breakfast and we do some chores. Then the kids hit the neighbors houses up to see if anyone is free to play. Meanwhile, the littles and I are entertained by another round of DVDs. It’s too hot to go to the park now, and there’s nothing else in walking distance. So we check the time, only to find it is only 11 a.m. Repeat the previous for hours at a time, for days on end. I’m feeling my sanity slip through my fingers like sand in the sand glass. The kids get rowdy and rude from their diet of pb&j and Pixar. I’m getting stir crazy myself, stuck at home for hours with only roasting outside for a change in scenery.

My mom took pity, or got sick of my whining, and brought me her iPad. It’s a bit tricky, blogging via iPad, but the alternative (that being, not blogging or doing anything beyond hours of Disney movies), isn’t pretty.

So the update: no car, no Internet, and no tv shows. I’m certain it could be worse; my four year old could be in a body cast! (remind me to tell you about my friend who is managing to have a far suckier summer. Regardless, Mr. Murphy: I’ve learned my lesson in complaining!

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3 Responses to Murphy’s Law, continued

  1. […] I have the internet again. Turns out our cheap internet service, which is run via a direct-line-of-sight-satellite-dish thing, needs to not have trees grow taller along the perimeter of your house. It was a total bummer when the internet guy finally came (at 3:00 p.m.) and said everything was fine, we just needed to chop down some branches of our tree. […]

  2. […] really bad, and we’re trying not to ride to church even when we’re late. Hee hee. :D I haven’t had a car since the beginning of July, so do I win the prize right there? Hopefully it’s a new […]

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