Slacker Spring Break

Spring Break in the Slacker House

Worst spring break ever.

Well, it could be worse.
{I guess.}

But seriously. My kids go to school outside of our local district boundaries, so not a single one of their friends within bike riding  distance was home from school. Plus, it’s March. March. Spring Break.
In March.

We had no travel plans. It’s the end of the month, so “fun money” is pretty much used up on “groceries.”
{They say they are bored, yet they also want to eat every day.}

If my kids have to write a paper titled “How I Spent My Spring Break,” it could be summed up like so:

A picture is worth a thousand words, so they say.

Yesterday I had every intention of taking them to the last Winter Wednesday at Tracy Aviary. Admission is only $1. Great plan. Until I went to bed way too late, then one of my sweet little cherubs felt it appropriate to wake up at 2 a.m. and tell me, quite disgustedly, how rude I was being for not letting her sleep in my bed. For real.

Wednesday morning… I was less than chipper.
I had plans to go to the aviary with a friend.
I broke the plans.
I took a nap.

I may have taken two naps. I don’t recall, exactly.

I grumbled and groaned and ordered my bored children to clean the house.

I did sneak away for a minute to grab Little Caesars for lunch, because there wasn’t any bread. And anything else for lunch seemed… hard. Of course, Abigail can’t eat pizza, but I put her down for a nap first with a sippy cup of soy milk. Which is sort of like lunch, I guess.

My kids spent the entire day asking when we were going to Tracy Aviary. I grumbled and groaned some more. I may have whined, too. It’s hard to remember…

Spring Break in March. Seriously.

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