Summer of Fun (or Not.)


I worked a couple hours on a series of posts about fun things to make your summer… fun. I even remembered to make dinner while working on it, which is pretty impressive.

Anyway, I realized that half of the things on the list I would not be doing, because they’re hard. They involve thinking. Planning. Doing.

And quite frankly, we bought the pass of all passes. So tomorrow (which is when you’ll be reading this, so I mean ‘today’) I will be going to Seven Peaks. (Assuming I’m brave enough to take 4 children to a crowded water park)

I will apply sunscreen. I will wade in the water. I will try to convince Nicole to slide down the kiddie slides. I will reapply sunscreen. Hopefully. If I remember.

Then we will repeat. A million times this summer.

The end.

PS – I might have that series go up anyway sometime next week. But for now, we’ll go swimming and call it good. That’s my summer suggestion for you:


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  1. […] how I was all like “hey, I don’t need a summer plan, because we’re just going to go to Seven Peaks a million times and that better be good […]

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