The week I didn’t blog and I stayed in PJ’s all week and felt sorry for myself.

We’ve all had the World’s Nastiest Cold this last week. And by “we” I mean, “everyone but me.”

I have no idea how that happened–me not being sick. My toddler likes to put her hands on the sides of my face, and touch her nose to mine. Particularly so when she has snot dripping like a faucet and has a smoker’s cough. Also, I slept in bed with my husband whose cold is still dragging on. Also, I slept many nights with at least two other children, whose source of comfort seemed to stem from sleeping on top of me.

After last week… I’m a bit emotionally scarred. We’re still getting back on a schedule that constitutes real life. Like eating, getting out of bed, and even leaving the house on occasion.

Blogging? Eh.

The last week I have had plenty of thinking about blogging, but very little doing. We’ll remedy that.
Sooner or later.

(I’d totally tell you what awesome posts are coming up, but we all know that pretty much clinches it if I do: I will never actually post them.)

soooo….. how have you been??

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