Wanted: One Mom (Temp. Position)

Source: Shoebox Blog

Source: Shoebox Blog


Our fast paced company (The Family, Inc.) is currently looking to fill a temporary position for one Mom. Current Mom is seeking a Mental Health Break and would like to train temp worker prior to taking Leave. Job responsibilities include the emotional, spiritual, educational, and physical growth of current associates.

Successful applicant will be:

Trained in math and spelling up to seventh grade level, with history of working with teachers and other school support. Exp. in making doctor’s appointments and finding babysitter’s especially helpful.

Skilled in making dinner, though willing to train. Dinner must be filling, thrifty, and somewhat nutritious. Getting certain members of the the company to eat vegetables would be a plus.

Daily janitorial duties are required. Junior associates will disrupt applicant during cleaning process, so applicant should be able to multitask well. Associates will also make messes in the area previously cleaned, so patience is required.

Must have good eyesight for finding the Lego’s and misc. thumb tacks hiding in carpet. Applicant should not have a strong sense of smell, as she will need to wipe the rears of junior associates. Applicant will also need to have quick fingers to fill a sippy cup before junior associate cries, a strong voice for reading the same story over and over; physically fit is preferred but not necessary, though ability to chase after associates and company animal desired.

Must be available 24/7. Ability to sleep less than six hours a night would be a plus, as junior associate wakes several times for the potty. Drivers license required. Position unpaid, though highly rewarding.

As current mom is feeling overwhelmed and underqualified for the position, possibility to turn into long-term employment possible!

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2 Responses to Wanted: One Mom (Temp. Position)

  1. Sara Jurgens says:

    There are days that I feel the same way!!!!! Days where I just want to run and hided in the closest, or anywhere that is quite and child free. I feel for you and completely understand!!!

    • Thanks, Sara. I think we all have days like this, but it’s SO hard to remember in the midst of them. You look at all the areas where you feel like you are lacking, and you just want to cry. Oh well. It’s just one day. And tomorrow is always… well, it’s always DIFFERENT that’s for sure. Lol.

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