December 2011 Monthly Meal Plan

December Meal Plan

Maybe you didn’t notice, maybe you did, but I didn’t post a meal plan last month. I actually made a hand-written one and had every intention of typing it up to post, but I didn’t get around to it. To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s of any use to anyone but me! There were a couple of “yes pleases” when I asked if I should post my meal plan this month so here we go.
{Laura and Savannah, this is for you!}
Of course, it wouldn’t be a Slacker Mom meal plan if I didn’t post this a week late. :)

This month I’m keeping it simple. It’s December, and I’ve got other things on my plate.
Get it? Plate? Because it’s dinner?
On second thought, that joke was really lame. Can we pretend it didn’t happen?
Okay, so it’s December and I’ve got cookies to bake and presents to wrap and parties to attend. Cooking isn’t exactly my favorite thing in the world anyway–at least not the nightly dinner type of cooking–so simplicity is definitely on the menu this month.
“On the menu?” Sheesh. I will be in town all week, people.
I literally have not one, not two, but three dinners using the same rotisserie chicken. Oh yeah–I can stretch a Costco chicken that far for six people! It really doesn’t get that much easier.
Unless, of course, you’re feeding them ramen.
And even though it doesn’t go on the menu…
it happens.

Click the links below to grab your meal plan. Thanks to the lovely Erica from Confessions of a Homeschooler for the idea of adding in an editable Word document version. Adjust to your tastes and print!

December 2011 meal plan – PDF
December 2011 meal plan – Word Document

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