Monthly Meal Plan for September

monthly meal plan

{I got this idea from the wonderfully amazing Erica from Confessions of a Homeschooler.}

I’ve made a monthly meal plan this month to try and cut down on unnecessary spending. Naturally, I’m posting this late. Wouldn’t be a slacker mom otherwise, am I right?

I’ve found that following this meal plan allows me to shop less (as I forget things less often, and I’m more prepared for much longer). I’m hoping to do most of my shopping for nonperishable items at the beginning of the month, then stock up on milk, bread, and fruits and veggies halfway through. I’ve included two snacks each day, but don’t have much for Saturday and Sunday. Our weekends are loosey goosey around here, and that’s the way I like it!

I also like that having an entire menu allows me to try new things for dinner, as well as include our old standbys. Since I’m keeping track of what snack is for what day, we actually have snacks at the end of the month, rather than chowing them down in the first week. I find myself eating healthier as I’m not just noshing on whatever all day, and my preschooler is less grumpy because I’m better at remembering to feed her. :)

I gotta say though… the best part of this meal plan is not answering the question “What’s for dinner?” My kids just go to the fridge and check it out themselves… ah, bliss!

No judging on my meals, they are what they are. Feel free to adjust to your tastes! 

September Meal Plan – Microsoft Word
September Meal Plan – PDF 

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5 Responses to Monthly Meal Plan for September

  1. michelle says:

    Thanks for these ideas. I have such a hard time planning lunches and snacks. These will work perfectly for me!

  2. Crystal & Co says:

    I am such an advocate for meal planning. It really is the only way I get dinner on the table. Well, that and my crockpot.

    Sharing a link to your inspiring menu on Facebook. Thanks so much for linking up and sharing it over on my solution meme!

  3. Crystal & Co says:

    My readers loved your monthly meal plan! It was one of the most clicked on posts last week.

    You can see your feature here:

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