Home Remedies: The Jell-O Drink

I am so tired. Abigail was up many times last night with breathing difficulties.
Rebecca is on her way to recovery from croup. Looks like Abigail is right in the middle of it. Nicole started complaining a bit this morning, too.

3 girls, 3 stages of sick: Beginning, middle, end.
This week is a long one.
Please tell me it’s not still Monday?

{My toes are now completely sanitized, thanks to Abigail and a bottle of hand sanitizer. See, life isn’t that bad.}

I do have one weapon against this miserable cold. The stupid companies took away cold medicine for my babies.
Note: I hate you, stupid companies.
Isn’t that cruel? I can’t give anything but Tylenol to help the misery of congestion, sinus pressure, coughing, and sneezing!

{Abigail just brought me a medicine syringe and dragged me to the kitchen for another dose of Tylenol. I should be concerned about where she is getting this stuff.}

What does a semi-desperate and totally sleep deprived parent do with no cold medicine? What can you do when your child is not only not sleeping, but waking up your other children due to coughing?

Mothers against sugar and food coloring and all that fun stuff: look away now.

For the rest of you, I introduce the Jell-O Drink!

This is something my husband has insisted upon for years. I figured he made it up (he’s pretty smart with sick kids), but my sister-in-law told me that his Dad did it while they were growing up. The gelatin in the Jell-O coats and soothes the throat. It’s not quite as effective on a croup cough, but for a plain old cough from a cold, it’s pretty much instant.
And kids love it!

So, the magical ingredients? 1/4 to 1/3 cup of Jell-O mix (any flavor!), and hot tap water. Stir in a mug.  (I use about half mug full of water to keep it very concentrated.) Tell your child to drink it. They will love it. They will stop coughing. You will get some sleep. Everybody wins.

Just don’t tell your dentist. He probably won’t be so happy about the situation. Ooh, but try sugar free Jell-O and report back. I’d love to know if it works because there is a lot of sugar in a quarter packet of Jell-O. And of course, it doesn’t have to be Jell-O brand. Just grab what’s on sale and feel good about yourself. Oh, and give it to your little one in a sippy, preferably the one that doesn’t leak when your cranky kid throws it across the living room.
{Don’t ask how I know that one.}
This is also great for older kids who want instant relief from that nagging cough. I give it to them along with a dose of cough medicine. By the time the Jell-O drink has stopped its effectiveness, the cough medicine has kicked in. Am I brilliant or what?

P.S. – I’m not a doctor, or a dentist, or anyone with the least bit of health credentials. Take my advice with a grain of salt.

P.P.S. There are lots of other home remedies you can try. What’s your favorite?

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14 Responses to Home Remedies: The Jell-O Drink

  1. Messy says:

    My grandmother always gave us hot jello when we were sick. I always thought it was a placebo effect. Recently my pediatrician told me to give my coughing children honey because it coats the throat. I never considered that gelatin would do the same. Thanks for the tip!

    • It’s funny, I was looking at the non super medicated cough drops at the store and they contain pectin–which acts, to my limited knowledge, like gelatin. So clearly there is SOMETHING to this. I’m just happy it makes my kids happy. And for my 3 year old, it’s definitely a placebo effect too. “Cough, cough–Mom, I need a jello drink!” Lol.

  2. kat davis says:

    i did the jello syrup, and only had sugar free jello… it was amazing.
    totally worked, and i was not buzzing from sugar.

  3. Jean says:

    I understand this post is from a while back, however, I was just telling a co-worker about this idea today and they thought I was absolutely insane! So I turned to Google and your post was the first link on the search. I grew up on hot jello and now serve it to my family when they need it. My husband’s favorite is lemon jello with a spoonfull of honey in the mug (we always use sugar free because he is diabetic.) It is soooo good! I use the full amount of water – just all hot – and both he and the 5 year old drink pretty much all of it. Thanks for making look legit! And I may have made another convert out of my co-worker.

  4. Mickey says:

    1 teaspoon honey mix with 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. Help with sore throat and cough. Lots of antibacterial and anti fungal properties plus cinnamon fights inflamation!!! I always drink the jello water too.

  5. Allie E says:

    Didn’t work. My kid coughed until she puked up the jello mix (into a garbage can luckily). Just a bad garden variety cough not pertussis or croup. Codeine cough syrup is the only thing that works for her.

  6. DaddyE says:

    My mom always gave us the jello drink when we weren’t feeling well. It soothes the stomach and eases coughs.

    I still use it when I’m under the weather and give it to my daughter, too. It works great for both of us!

  7. Sue G says:

    OMG. I just tried drinking jell-o for the first time. It really helped. I thought my husband was insane when he told me about it. My cough was annoying from being sick.

  8. Bree B says:

    When I’m sick I swear by jell-o water. It helps so much. My friends and family members love it as well.

  9. Robin says:

    My aunt told me to drink jello water when my stomach was upset. Well guess what it totally works. It works fast too. By the time I got done drinking the jello drink I felt better. It font cure you but it makes you feel much better. I would recommend it but I will say that the sugar free don’t taste so good. I would recommend to others. I made it for my elderly father and got my sick daughter. And of course those who can’t take over the counter stuff it works for them too. my brother and mother both diabetics used it just have to watch how much they have at a time if course leaving it set beside you it firms and can no longer drink it. So you have to drink it constantly.

  10. Ruthie says:

    My mom used to give us all warm liquid Jell-O when we were sick. I didn’t know it was supposed to accomplish anything. I just liked it. Now it’s one of my comfort foods. On a whim while I was just drinking a cup of warm Jell-O, I decided to check the internet to see if anyone else had drunk Jell-O as a child, and this site came up. Nice to see there are some fellow Jell-O drinkers out there, and as a bonus to find out that the gelatin does really serve a purpose in helping to give some relief from what ails you.

    • Patty says:

      I just started drinking hot jello in the morning instead of coffee. You don’t have to be sick for it to be beneficial. Right?

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