How to Find your Mommy Mojo {Guest Post}

How to Find Your Mommy Mojo

Okay, you have got to meet the lovely, talented, amazing Nicole from My Everything Else. She is such a talented writer, she even writes for KSL and other fabulous news outlets. I had such a fun time guest posting on her blog, and she was lovely enough to return the favor. I just said “lovely” twice about the same person, so now you know it’s true! I am inspired by this post because my Mommy Mojo has been in hiding this past… month. Year? Well it doesn’t matter, because Nicole is here to save the day. For real.

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Lost your Mommy Mojo? Three Tips to Get It Back

I am so excited to join you today! It’s a privileged to be a part of Confessions of a Slacker Mom!  Last week Sarah was my lovely guest over at My Everything Else. (Do I dare admit that her post encouraged me to stop slacking?) Her ideas inspired a toddler-friendly Learning Cupboard for my twin toddlers! Take a peek…

I’m Nicole, from My Everything Else. I’m a mommy to four (#3 & #4 are identical twins), writer and consultant. My blog used to be about learning to juggle the new twins in addition to everything else. I quickly learned that life is much more about the Everything Else.

But recently those little twinners have thrown me into a Mommy-Midlife-Crisis. It’s real and it’s serious.

They went from two naps a day to just one. Just. One. Nap. It cannot be.

I was a mess! I needed those nap times more than I needed my daily dose of Diet Dr Pepper.

Much of my life exists through my laptop and nap time was laptop time. How was I going to get work done for my client, meet my writing deadlines, pay bills, plan meals, and (admittedly quite important) Facebook and blog?!?

I sulked for several days, barely finding any time to shower. This was tough. I tried to squeeze in computer time everywhere I could. I was never present in the moment. I even day-dreamed about my previous life and ambitions for a career.  Then I realized only I had the power to snap out of it.

It wasn’t easy. It required dedication (that means no slacking).  Here are three tips that helped me. Maybe, if you ever find yourself in a Mommy-Midlife-Crisis, they can help you too.

Early to Bed, Early to Rise

I love my sleep. I went years and years as a sleep deprived mom. We just got the boys to start sleeping through the night regularly. But I realized if I woke up one hour before I had to get my daughter up for school I could shower, get dressed and maybejust maybeput on makeup.

If I woke up two hours early. I could even read my scriptures, do some yoga and get time in on my computer! Ahhh.

It was a plan. Six A.M would come early but not if I made Mom Rule #1: In bed by 11 p.m.

Separate ‘Working Me’ from ‘Mommy Me’

Even though I stay at home with my kiddos. I work from home too. I suspect lots of moms do. Even if their ‘work’ is just for church obligations, the PTA or a hobby. I decided in order to succeed and bring my Mommy Mojo back, I would need to ‘go to work’ each day.

I took out a weekly planner and blocked off my working time from my mommy time. And then I made Mom Rule #2: I am valuable.  I was sure I could succeed at both ‘working me’ and ‘mommy me’ and view myself as valuable and successful.  Why do we moms not have higher self-worth?

Engage My Kids

Now that I wasn’t sneaking off to my laptop, it was time I cherish the moments with my children.

While my laptop was closed (thankfully I have email and Facebook on my phone), I put my aforementioned Learning Cupboard to use. All four of my kids are crazy about it. And, as soon as the weather gets nicer, we’ll spend time outside. Maybe I’ll even get crazy and plan a picnic in the park.  Why? Because of Mom Rule #3: Above all else, spend quality time with my kids.

 I still slack a little. This week I broke Mom Rule #1 and really paid for it the next day. And I have a really hard time avoiding the snooze button on my phone. But I assure you, I got my mojo back! I actually now have more time on my laptop to get stuff done and am present in the moment.

If you’ve lost your Mommy Mojo but found it again, I’d love to hear about it!


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5 Responses to How to Find your Mommy Mojo {Guest Post}

  1. Michelle P. says:

    Wow! Seriously thank you for this post. I needed it. So much. I have been struggling with transitioning to a toddler who doesn’t take a nap. At all. I miss naptime so much and our new “routine” is just not working. I am NOT a morning person, so I keep pushing those “if you woke up earlier you could . . .” thoughts out of my head. Thank you for the inspiration. I can do it. Even though my perky morning loving husband will get to say “I told you so.” I am freshly determined to no longer be the queen of slacker moms. :) Thank you!

    • Michelle,

      Thanks for your comment! You Can Do It! Just think about why you are getting up early. Is it important to you? My little-girl dreams of writing are important enough to me to help me emerge from the nice warm covers. Dreams are powerful.

  2. Cheryl Carpenter says:

    Great idea. I it is so hard to give up sleep time. But it can be worth it. Go Nicole!

  3. Geoffrey jo says:


  4. Goldsmith qtp says:


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