Playing Hooky

My sister-in-law, Angela, gave me a fabulous early Christmas present today.
She took my two little girls.
All day long.

The best part was, I had someone to watch my girls while the older kids were at school and I had no place to be. Typically if I get a sitter it’s for an appointment or a meeting of some sort. But not today. Today was all about me.

I used the computer.
I crafted.
I shopped.
I decided to leave my house
and was out the door 2 minutes later.


 Okay, I didn’t get caught up on laundry. But I did finally sanitize the cloth diapers after Abigail’s yeast infection.
{PS – bleach and vinegar are super disinfectants but do it in a well ventilated area. Not your basement bathroom.}

I didn’t get the house spotless.
But I watched The Help while I wrapped presents.
Which is kind of like cleaning, if you think about it.

When you run errands you have to multiply the time it would take you to do solo by each kid you bring along with you. You bring two kids? Double the time. You bring four kids?
Sister, forget it and take a nap, mmkay?

Motherhood and being a stay at home parent is the most amazing blessing I’ve been given.
But it is  

It is soul-draining at times.
It’s lonely.
It’s maddening.

Not always–but it can be.
Taking a day for myself? I don’t know if I would have enjoyed it more if I had been at the spa.
For real.
Maybe if my house were already clean and I wasn’t gasping on bleach and vinegar fumes, it would have been a little better.
It was mostly awesome though.

My very favorite part?
Picking up those two grinning, happy children.

And knowing I’ll be a better mother tomorrow
because I took time for

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