Playtex Sippy Cup Party {for Mom’s!}

Drinkin' the koolaid

I have this neighbor, who wears the cutest clothes ever, and is a blogger.
{Her clothes have nothing to do with anything, but she is my style icon. Meaning that one day, I will have style, and when I do, I will look to her for inspiration.} 

She blogs at Danish Mama, which is all about being a Danish American mama. If you’re Danish you’ll get something out of it, and if you’re American, you’ll relate too! Which really just about covers your bases in blogland, right? Anyway, she was asked to throw a party for Playtex, so she invited all of our other stylish neighbors to come over and talk sippies.
{Oh, and she invited me too.} 

And can I just tell you the most fun thing? For our refreshments, we drank apple cider from, what else? A sippy! We each got to take a couple of sippy cups home which was great. Abigail is a one-sippy-only kinda girl, which just so happens to be one of the sippies we got at the party. Woo hoo for extra sippy cups!

There were prizes too. I won a prize, but it’s currently a secret gift for a mom to be in my life. Shh!

We talked about our weaning-to-the-sippy experiences. Abigail did great transitioning to her sippy. After a nightmarish experience weaning her to a bottle (hey! turns out the kid was allergic to that formula I kept stuffing down her throat!), I wasn’t ready to jump into another transition. At 18 months though, her doctor, ahem, strongly suggested I switch. I picked up three of these sippies–two so I always have to know where at least one is (too many and I lose them all), and a third so her gimme-gimme sister won’t be jealous–and days later we were done with bottles. (I also love the adorable girly patterns available. I picked up fun florals for Abigail and a princess sippy for Nicole, and both of them know who has which sippy. And bonus for the allergy mom: less worry that the dairy-free baby will get a mouthful of milk!

We had a great time chatting up weaning and toddlers. In fact, one of the things that I’m loving about blogging is that I’m actually getting out more for spending more time on the computer. I tend to be on the anti-social side of things, not because I don’t like people, but because interacting with people scare the pants off me. I tend to avoid it. {I told you about my popsicle night issues, didn’t I?} Being a stay at home mom could potentially afford me many opportunities to become friends with other moms but that requires you to leave your house. Which I don’t. :)

But as a blogger, I’ve been invited to activities that are kid friendly or even better, for just the girls! Since I commit to these events over the internet (without having to stumble through an awkward conversation where I say “that’s so cool!” a hundred times), I don’t have the social anxiety. Until I actually get to the event, and then it’s too late to worry!

Do you suffer from social anxiety, or are you the social hub of the neighborhood? Have you found any unexpected sources of friendship through the internet?

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One Response to Playtex Sippy Cup Party {for Mom’s!}

  1. Kathy says:

    Great post, I’m so glad you had a great time. It was fun to have you.

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