Walk Beside Me Preschool Schedule

Preschool Schedule

I mentioned I had all the weeks planned for Nicole up until the letter “N.” Guess what? Now you do too! I’m providing you with a simple plan for the next (…counting on fingers) 14 weeks!

{Click the picture to download the schedule.}

Here’s a few notes of explanation:

  • I run our “preschool” based on a 3 day a week program, with 8 workboxes.
  • I find my daughter works best if I sneak a snack (ooh, that’s fun to say) into one of the boxes too, but that’s probably because I don’t get around to doing school till almost lunchtime!
  • If there are online activities or printables, I’ve included links to those. Any craft or idea that is not my own, I do not feel comfortable packaging with the curriculum! Please inform me if any of the links are broken!
  • I typically begin the day with a “preschool page.” This comes from a standard preschool workbook that I tear out. You can pick them up virtually anywhere, including the dollar store!
  • “Walk Beside Me” obviously refers to my curriculum. I generally schedule 9 worksheets from my curriculum in a week, though I create anywhere from 8-11 in a set. This gives me room to be a little flexible.
  • The Uppercase Alphabet craft and Lowercase Alphabet craft comes from Totally Tots. I have been meaning to use my Cricut to cut all the letters out in one shebang, and prepare little craft kits to stick in her week folder. Hasn’t happened yet, but I know I need to or we’ll never do it.
  • The Tracing/Cutting/Pasting activities I picked up at a great deal from Sam’s Club, but you can also order them from Amazon. These books are darling and Nicole loves them.
  • BOB Books refers to the amazing early reader books that teachers praise. Again, another score from Sam’s Club (mine came with two sets for not much more than the price of one set), and Nicole is doing really well with them. We do one book a week, same book each day. When she is finished with the Beginning Set I think I will go back and repeat them at least once before moving on to the Advanced Beginning Set.
  • A sensory bin is a bin of… stuff that your child can play in. In some weeks, I have listed a specific sensory bin idea or activity, others are pretty open-ended. For C is for Colors, you could put lots of colorful items in for your child to explore, perhaps with rainbow colored rice! Google sensory bin and you will come up with more than enough ideas!
  • You do not have to have anything that I’ve purchased for my school to make your school work! My husband will be the first to tell you I’m addicted to school supplies! (My bank statement would verify this.) However, if you tellyour husband that you “need” this stuff to do the Walk Beside Me Preschool Curriculum–a completelyfree preschool, you might add–then I’ll back you 100%. Just send him my way! Also, if you purchase through my Walk Beside Me store, you help fund this stay at home mom project!
  • I’m also not the Preschool Police, and will have no issue if you adapt to your own needs. However, if you share this without linking back to my site, or claim it as your own… then I’ll have issues. Wait, I have issues. But I will not be happy! Please don’t share the download link only, please refer back to this page.

 Any questions? Any thoughts? Any ideas? Any input?

Any… anything?

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23 Responses to Walk Beside Me Preschool Schedule

  1. Chels says:

    Hi! I love the looks of your printable LDS preschool worksheets! I too have noticed the lack of LDS preschool curriculum available and was excited to find these! I tried downloading the schedule you have, but it downloads the C bundle instead… I’d love to see the schedule! Hope all is going well and I look forward to using these this year for my preschoolers.

    • Chels,
      Thank you so much for letting me know. It’s readers like you that help me run this site because without people like you, all I’ve got is Diet Coke and an overworked brain!! I’ve updated the link, and double checked it, so we should be good now. Thank you!

  2. Chels says:

    No problem! I have to tell you I’m so excited to use these printables! We printed off A a couple days ago and put them in page protectors, I bought some expo markers and we passed them around and around the table each of my boys taking a turn with each printable. They loved it and flew through all of them… mostly because my almost 4 yr old twins love to do anything their almost 6 yr old brother does. Thank you for putting the time and effort into this project!

  3. Ann says:

    Thank you for ALL your hard work! My friends and I have really enjoyed reading your blog and printing out your AWESOME curriculum. I do have a question though, are you planning on doing anything past the letter N?

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you’re enjoying the curriculum. To answer your question: YES, definitely doing more! In fact, they are in the works. When I moved my blog over to confessionsofaslackermom.com from blogspot, I currently had *finished* up through N. I’m working on O-Z now. I will continue to post them once a week, it’s just easier for me to do a bunch at a time rather than remember to create a packet each week. I hope this answers your question!

  4. Candice says:

    I love your site and can’t wait to print some off and do them with my daughter! Just wanted to say thanks for sharing this with me!

  5. I don’t even know how I stopped up here, but I assumed this put up was once great. I don’t realize who you might be however certainly you are going to a well-known blogger in case you aren’t already. Cheers!

  6. Elizabeth says:

    I LOVE You! Ok so I just love that you are so stinking talented, creative and generous. Finding you on Pinterest today was a huge blessing. I have been searching for some preschool for my 3 year old and to find yours that incoperates our faith is a wonderful suprise. Thank you for all that you create and share! I am sure to be back often.

  7. Chamaine says:

    Thanks for doing this! I need some structure in my 3.5 and 2.5 year olds lives! Do you have more of the Articles of Faith picture reads?

  8. Krista says:

    I learned how to read using the Bob books, and I love them. They are short enough that kids aren’t overwhelmed, and they can actually brag that they read a whole book! Also, if you have a very pre-reader, like my two year old, the Bob books have come out with letter books to kick everything off!

    I love this site, I so glad someone pinned it. I will definitely be using a lot of stuff from here.

  9. Lindsey says:

    Hello! You have no idea how happy I was to be directed to your website. I have been searching for months for some LDS based curriculum. My almost 4 year old knows his letters and sounds, but doesn’t know how to write them yet. I want to teach him how to read and have no idea where to start. Does this curriculum start teaching how to read?? Thank you soooo much!

  10. AshLee says:

    Ok you are fabulous. Today I read the new article in the Ensign about 9 principles for a successful home and family and last week revisited the school of home by Fallbella from last conference. I felt super inspired to start some direct teaching with my 3 year old but I wanted it to incorporate my faith. So grateful for you because I set up my little school today and tomorrow I will start teaching…this is a blessing so thank you for sharing it and the fact it’s free was such a blessing to me also…I know how much work goes into all of this because I do graphic design and so I know truly how much work went into this…thank you, thank you, thank you…one more, thank you!

    • Ooh, you do graphic design? We should talk! ;)
      Thank you for the wonderful comments! I’m so happy you enjoyed it, and I’m definitely going to go read the Ensign that I have yet to read. :D

  11. Mindy says:


    What program did you use to make your schedules or can you provide blank ones for any tweaking one might want to do? I love how your schedule flows especially for preschool age. I am not so great with excel so I would love to be able to plug the info in.

    • Mindy, I’m not so great with excel either, so the program is actually in Microsoft Word. I’ll see if I can figure out how to make an editable version! If I get that done, I’ll be sure to email you and let you know. Thanks!

  12. Alicia says:

    I’ve been doing a very, very simple preschool for my son where we focus on a letter a week and do books, songs and crafts. Lately I’ve been thinking I needed to incorporate a preschool curriculum to our program. I’ve also wanting to start doing some scripture lessons as well. So imagine my excitement when I stumbled onto this site. This is exactly what I needed to give my 3.5 year old a challenge.

    Thank you for offering your program for free. Can’t wait to get started.

  13. Brittney says:

    Is there anyway we can download all of the letters of the preschool curriculum in one large download? My son is only one but I would love to download these and save them for the future!

  14. beth says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this! I pinned it last fall, but life got crazy with my husband finishing nursing school and keeping up with a 1st grader and a 5th grader (who I do not homeschool). I started preschool at home iwth my 4 year old daughter last week (amid her older brother’s strep throat and double ear infection) and just could not get in the groove of it like I had with her two older brothers who I also did preschool at home with. I’m starting a year later with her than I did with my boys and we’ve just moved. Life is crazy. The other day I suddenly remembered this pin and came back to your site and looked at it and it just all made sense to me. I printed out “A” (and my printer ran out of ink!) and put some page in page protectors and others I didn’t. Stuck all of “A” in one of those 3 pronged folders along with the directions for th “A” craft you have link for and a laminated Aa Princess alphabet card to hang on the wall I found somewhere else on pinterest. Today, even with big brothers both home because of teacher inservice, we started over…we sang together (that’s the one verse of Follow the Prophets that I really know), recited the scripture together and said a prayer. Tomorrow I’m buying more ink and will print out more letters. And getting a few more folders…I knew I should have picked up more at the back to school sales. Some pages are a little ahead of her yet, but we’ll be doing the same thing next year as here in Oregon the cut off date for kinder is Sept. first and her bday is mid-september. So we’ll revisit some of these things next year. She’s my last one to homeschool preschool with and I so wish I’d had this curriculum for my older boys.

  15. […] We can’t afford the $50-100 a month for preschool, so we are going to do it at home. I like this gal’s set-up right now with some […]

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