B is for Baptism

B is for Baptism
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Welcome to week two of my Walk Beside Me LDS Preschool Curriculum! This week is “B is for Baptism.” The scripture story this week specifically focuses on Christ’s Baptism. 

This set is packed full of fun activities for your preschooler. It includes

-song of the week (“Baptism”)
-scripture of the week
-B scripture story (hunt and find the letter “B”)
-bigger and smaller worksheet
-Blue worksheet
-B tracing page
-practice tracing page
-B opposites match game
-B sound worksheet
-B math worksheet
-“ap” sound worksheet
-B coloring page

As I’ve said before, I use this in conjunction with the Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum by Confessions of a Homeschooler. However, I find our days fill up pretty quickly with just the Walk Beside Me Curriculum and any fun activities I plan. 

So how do I plan our preschool days? This is just a general outline, as it varies based on activities we’ve planned and tantrums that are thrown.

 (And yes, there are tantrums. Expect it, and move on. Or when they happen, be done for the day. This is preschool, and your kid won’t die from skipping today’s lesson.)

Our morning:
First, we say a prayer. 
Then we recite the scripture of the week and sing the song of the week.
We recite our full name, phone number, and our address.
We then do our sign language song of the day. We have this book

which the kids seem to be enjoying.
After that we discuss the weather of the day. 

which the kids love. They have fun marking the weather especially. I laminated
the date squares that go on the calendar so I can write special events on them like field trips.
(Of course, this is totally optional. You can easily make your own with a poster board!)

After that the kids sit at our big table. I’ve briefly discussed our workboxes before. In Nicole’s workboxes I try to alternate worksheets with a fun activity. The fun activity can be a craft or a coloring sheet, a game, or a counting activity. Nicole really likes these pattern blocks:

Pattern Blocks

and we have these super fun Do-A-Dot markers too:

Dot Art Painters

I also try to match a science project to the letter of the week. For instance, last week was A, so we learned about “Absorption.” I got out six different items (paper, cotton ball, cloth diaper, plastic plate, etc) and gave Nicole water and a medicine dropper. We made guesses as to which would absorb the most and which wouldn’t absorb at all. Then we tested our “hypothesis” to discover which had the best absorption. This week we will be working with Balloons since we’re doing the letter B.

A daily example of Nicole’s workboxes might look like this:

B tracing page
B opposites game
Do a Dot markers
B sound worksheet
Pattern blocks
Read with Mommy time

At this point, Nicole is fairly comfortable grabbing her folder from her box, working through it, and going on to the next one. There are times when she asks to skip a box, or has a meltdown over a particular folder. I try not to stress about it, and let her move on. 

Another fun thing we’ve started are letter crafts. I got these ideas over at Totally Tots. Here’s a link to the uppercase letters and the lowercase letters. They are adorable and fun for Nicole. We are working on making an ABC book out of her letter crafts. We’ve done A for Alligator, a for apple, and this week we’ve done b for butterfly, and soon we’ll do B for Bee. Isn’t that cute?

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas on how to run your own preschool. It doesn’t have to take very long or be very fancy. You don’t have to plan on homeschooling your child for life–just getting them on a good head start is worth it. Good luck!

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16 Responses to B is for Baptism

  1. The Wyler Family says:

    So fun. I do preschool at home with ethan too. Thanks for some fresh new ideas. :)

  2. Victoria S. says:

    What a great curriculum! I’m printing this packet so my 5 and 7 year old can do them as we prep my daughter for baptism. It will be great for both of them. I also just pinned your curriculum on Pinterest. A lot of teachers share ideas on there.

  3. Kimi says:

    I LOVE THIS!!!! Is there a spot you can download the entire alphabet?

  4. Samia says:

    I’m loving these! However I’m having problems with printing. No matter what I do they end up being shrunken on the page. In other words the worksheet is only covering two thirds of the page rather than the whole sheet of paper. Help!

    • Unfortunately, I’m not much of a printer person. They tend to hate me. :/ The only thing I can suggest is to make sure “fit to page” is selected on your printer settings, and perhaps double check you don’t have any weird settings like booklet printing selected. Let me know if you get it working!!

  5. Jen says:

    “And yes, there are tantrums. Expect it, and move on. Or when they happen, be done for the day. This is preschool, and your kid won’t die from skipping today’s lesson.”

    You have no idea how much someone like me needs to hear this. Not that my child throws tantrums all the time, but I am kind of a perfectionist, so if I prepare myself for it to happen.. I will be much more calm when I have to skip a day of lessons. Thanks for being honest and guiding us! Great job!

  6. Sequoia says:

    , I have also looked at the sequence analysis. The first appendix uses a 25,000 nt piece (which may or may not be the right sequence) in the same way a fishing trawler uses a drag net. There’s no basis for any conclusions from that.Appendix 2 uses a second and different length piece which is not described (only 5000+ bases). So it’s impossible to know even if we had the putative CSIRO match if this has any basis in reality. It’s a terrible analysis and a terrible mintofsrmaiion campaign. Shameful, really.

  7. I agree with you — I know using “they” for a singular noun is grammatically incorrect, but lots of times it just sounds sooo much better! And it avoids the wordiness of saying “Has anyone lost his or her keys?” or the awkward gender bias of using one gender or the other for the pronoun.

  8. One of the pleasures of reading a report like this is finding out where players one had forgotten about have ended up – and I’m not surprised that Robert Page is having a positive influence at Vale. He always struck me as a leader type in his time at Watford and who would bet against him ascending to the management of a club before too long?

  9. http://www./ says:

    Aw, I love you, too, and I should mention, this is advice I can easily preach but far less easily follow myself. But you’re clearly showing that practice helps when you’re trying to overcome things, so that’s a great example! And you’re also already demonstrating that the qualities we think are our weaknesses, are instead neutral, and often worth embracing. Keep up all the awesome work.

  10. truck pranks says:

    Wow, these are gorgeous and well worth the wait! =D Chocolate and cherry has to be one of my favorite combinations – hoping Whole Foods has organic cherries this afternoon!

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