Walk Beside Me Preschool Curriculum Introduction

Hello there!
I am so excited to finally be posting about what I’ve been working on.

As a homeschooler to a preschooler (ha, that’s fun to say), I’ve searched high and low for preschool curriculums that will be fun and engaging for my 3.5 year old. I have found many free downloads, free printables, paid entire curricula, and more. 

The one thing I couldn’t find was an LDS based preschool curriculum. While I found a few a scant few downloads for LDS homeschooling, most of them were kindergarten-aged or older. Worse, they weren’t up to my all-important standards of cute!

What’s a girl to do? 

Well, first I have to sing praises to this site:Confessions of a Homeschooler. Obviously, she has an awesome blog name. But beyond that she has literally hundreds of free printables for preschool and what she calls “K4″ preschool (harder than preschool, not quite Kindergarten.) You can download these printables for free one at a time, or you can download them in one easy link for a small fee. Inspired by her creativity, I began creating my own printables for my daughter. I sat down and wrote up an LDS alphabet– A is for Adam (and Eve), P is for Prophets, N is for… I forgot. Something about Nephi, anyway! Then I got busy with Photoshop and came up with a preschool curriculum I’m calling The Walk Beside Me LDS Pre-K Curriculum. 

Currently, I’m using these as a supplement to CoaH‘s wonderful Letter of the Week Curriculum. She has so many wonderful activities and worksheets that it would take me a year to create the curriculum she has! Now, her curriculum is wonderful–and I do mean that wholeheartedly. And she has plenty of suggestions for involving Bible Study into homeschool; but I felt strongly that my daughter needed an LDS based curriculum. 
I know what you’re thinking: am I going to share? Of course I’m going to share! I can’t be the only homeschooling mama out there wishing there was more for LDS families, can I? My *plan* is to create one Walk Beside Me packet each weekish, so you can follow along with your children at home. Even if you don’t homeschool, you can do each packet with your child without supplementing extra material. This is great preschool or kindergarten prep!

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39 Responses to Walk Beside Me Preschool Curriculum Introduction

  1. Zane and Val says:

    you are so talented…turned out great keep 'em coming. I hope that homeschooling works well for you. I too am looking into doing that with Baily but my husband is going to school for a teaching degree so I might lose that battle..

  2. Marlynn says:

    Oh Yes!!! I've been looking for exactly this and last night I decided I would just start from scratch and do my own thing….now I wont have to! Thanks. I love it.

  3. newbiemama says:

    Marlynn, I'm so glad you found it! I will tell you, I'm slowly gathering the next phases in the curriculum. It IS coming together, but life is sooo in the way. :) Be patient, and follow me on facebook where there will be updates as soon as they are available!

  4. Awesome! A few families from our ward did a preschool together last year. We used the curriculum from Letteroftheweek.com, but it’d be nice to have an LDS-themed alphabet! My son is starting kindergarten, but my next one just turned 3. Not sure if she’s ready, but we’ll see…

    • How fun! I asked around to see if anyone in my ward wanted to do something, but they went with joy school. Sounds fun, but pricey! I’ve really enjoyed teaching my daughter the LDS stories. I did Letter of the Week from Brightly Beaming Resources when my daughter was just under 3, but it was a lot of work! You could always mix and match; take what you want from mine and combine it with letter of the week. We’ve gotta do what works for them, right?? Good luck!

  5. rachel says:

    We just started homeschool preschool with your 3-year-old! This is an answer to prayer for me. I’m looking forward to seeing more of what is in store! Thank you!

  6. Coco says:

    WOW!!!! You are my hero! I have been looking high and low for LDS based curriculum and TA-DA! This is amazing. Thank you so much for making this available!

    • Hero?? I’ll take hero status any day of the week, particularly when I look at my laundry pile and feel anything BUT heroic! I’m so happy this is what you’ve been wanting. I was unbelievably frustrated at finding something for my preschooler, and I definitely wanted to be able to share it with other so they didn’t have the same frustrations I did!

  7. Aimee Jongejan says:

    Hi – thanks for doing this!!! My DD and I are doing Letter of the Week as well. My DS does work from Discover the Scriptures for our Scripture study time, I’m THRILLED to have found you via a pin on pinterest!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!

    • I have looked into the Discover the Scriptures series, but my little one isn’t ready for that quite yet. I’d love if you let me know how you’re enjoying it. It seems like they’ve expanded quite a bit since the last time I’ve been there, and the price seems very reasonable… I’d love a review from you!

  8. Kiersten says:

    Thank you!!! I stumbled onto your blog from Not So Cute and I am so glad I did. I am a former teacher and wanting to teach my daughter a more academic “Mom school” preschool curriculum this year. You took the words right out of my head at the beginning of this post. Thank you again!!

    • “Mom school,” I love it! I hope your daughter enjoys it the way mine has. Isn’t it the best when you stumble on to some totally awesome new blog? Wait… that really sounds stuck up. I’m just saying… you know… it’s fun to find a blog? Lol. Enjoy!

  9. Thank you! This will be great for my two preschoolers I’m homeschooling this next year…

  10. Nancy says:

    These are so great! What a blessing this will be in our lives!

  11. wendi says:

    I’ve tried to download and it tells me I need to pay for an account. Is this true? If not where do I click :)

    • Oh, absolutely not! I didn’t realize I still had that old link on that image. It’s corrected now but the easiest way to start downloading is to hover over “Preschool Curriculum” on the menu bar, then hover your mouse over “Walk Beside Me Preschool Curriculum” then click on “A is for Adam.” (Sounds complicated, it’s not.) I used to have files uploaded at 4shared but they are now hosted on my blog, no account necessary! Let me know if you have any further issues!

  12. […] a full weekly preschool, check out the Preschool Schedule. If you’re new here, start with the Introduction Page or the FAQ. I also have a Walk Beside Me Store. The store is an Amazon affliate store, I get paid […]

  13. courtney says:

    Hey! I love what you have done! I am a recent convert, and I have a soon to be preschooler. I have been looking all around for a program that I can teach to her! This is perfect. I have a question though, I wanted to print this all off, or do you have a book like your fhe for the whole curriculum? :) let me know!!! thanks! :)

  14. natalie says:

    WOW!!!! I have spent soooo long looking for inspiration for teaching my 4 year old & 2 year old (she likes to copy her brother) at home. I’ve found a couple of ones that were ok, but i was still struggling to fit church material in. Thanks for much for sharing your inspiration & gift with us all. This is amazing & i cant wait to get all of my resources together & get started! THANK YOU :)

  15. Eva says:

    At what age should I start this? My daughter is only 21 months, but seems a little ahead with vocabulary, counting, etc. Still, this seems too advanced. I came across your website while trying to find age appropriate material for her now. Any suggestions?

    • Eva, great question. I would begin with your daughter and working with hands on, sensory alphabet activities. When my daughter began (also advanced) she was 3 1/2 and knew most of her alphabet. I do have a toddler adaption coming soon… that is, as soon as my husband fixes my hard drive that crashed and burned this summer. Thanks!

  16. […] preschool, and helps fund this huge project! If you’re new to this curriculum, check out the Intro page as well as the […]

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