Monthly Meal Plan for October

Download the October 2011 Meal Plan

Last month, I posted a month long meal plan. It was experimental. I wanted to see if

  1. I could stick with it
  2. it would save money
  3. and if it would save time.
So the first question is, did I stick with it? The short answer is “yes,” I did. It was extremely convienient because I had what I needed in my house to cook, and didn’t have to fret at 4:45 about what was for dinner. Not only did I know what was for dinner, but I actually had all the stuff in my house for dinner. Nice. There were a few many days where I didn’t cook what was on the menu. This really confused my children for some reason! For the most part though I juggled the menu around and still used up the food I purchased in a timely manner.
Did it save time? Yes and no. I didn’t shop nearly as much towards the end of the month but it was a big shopping trip at the beginning. Also I didn’t have to have my husband stop on the way home to pick up ingredients, so he got home earlier. Plus I was able to somewhat successfully see and remember what I needed to defrost for dinner before 4:45 p.m.

 Did it save money?
It did save money in that I used up what I had purchased. But to be honest, I really screwed up the budget this month and discovered “once a month shopping” isn’t just not in my vocabulary, it’s not in my world. It doesn’t exist. So when I shop a lot at the beginning of the month, that doesn’t really keep my from shopping later on in the month. I spent a lot of money this month. I blame myself, not the meal plan.

With that, I’m going to attempt a second month at the meal plan. This month however, I’m going to shop week-by-week rather than attempt even a bi-monthly shopping trip. Seriously, who was I kidding?? I will shop weekly but should I notice something on a great sale that I need for the following week, I’ll pick it up. Hopefully I will still save money over the course of the month. Also, I did a fairly good job at making sure the snacks were stretched out throughout the course of the month, rather than having snacks the first week and not again till the following month. (We get paid monthly.) The trick I found, was hiding the snacks from my kids until it was the snack of the day. They didn’t ask for what they didn’t know we had!

 This month’s meal plan has a lot of repeats from last month. The smoothies and frozen breakfast items are working really well for us. My kids love checking the menu each day (multiple times) to see what is for the breakfast or snack. The variety seems to get them more excited about getting to the table in the morning, and I feel better knowing I’ve sent them off to school with something slightly better than another bowl of Lucky Charms.

 I’ve also introduced some meal items, some family favorites as well as some new-to-us meals. I’m excited to try them out! I also did a couple of fun snacks and dinners on the upcoming holidays, which I know my kids will love.

 Click on the image above to download the new meal plan, or just click here if you’re too lazy to scroll up! :)

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