They’re So Angry!

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Jordan just turned eleven this past week. I can’t believe
a) he’s so old and
b) he’s been part of my life for so long!
The kids is almost a teenager! Seriously! (And he’ll let you know it too, should you be wondering. He’s a “pre-teen.”)

For his birthday, we did the crazy thing and told him he could invite three friends to sleep over.
That’s three other eleven year olds, mind you.
I was going to make him a yummy chocolate cake with a recipe from a friend, but then I came across this idea from a totally lovely blog:

Yes, Friend. Your favorite addicting phone game can now be made into a cupcake. A cupcake, people! Now you can have your Angry Birds and eat it too!

If you totally live in a very small box and have somehow missed the Angry Birds craze:
Angry Birds is a game dedicated to birds who have been made angry by egg-stealing pigs. Their goal in life seems to be to kill the pigs. 

I have Angry Birds on my phone, but I actually don’t play it. My kids love it though, as does my husband. I gotta admit, the sound effects are pretty silly, and sometimes (just sometimes) it feels good to kill something as harmless as a pig who stole my eggs.

I mean their eggs. Sheesh.

So here’s my take on Angry Bird Cupcakes. I did a few things different than over at The Crafting Chicks, some for better, some for worse.

I recommend checking out The Crafting Chick for a step by step how to. The biggest thing I did differently was the frosting. I’m an impatient froster, so frosting each cupcake was not ideal for me. I piped a big blob of frosting on the middle of a cupcake, then stuck it in the freezer. 
While I let the cupcake chill in the freezer (ha! It’s punny, people), I got ready all the candy I needed:

gummy orange slices, cut into thirds
mini marshmallows, cut in half
Starburst jellybeans, color sorted
regular marshmallows, cut in half
black licorice rope, cut into 1 inch pieces

Then I took a scoop of store bought frosting and put it in a bowl with a lot of gel food coloring. I mixed well, and stuck it in the microwave for 30-45 seconds. It should be the consistency of runny whipped cream.
I pulled out my chilled cupcakes one at a time, and dipped the top of the cup cakes. Since I unintentionally under filled my cupcakes a bit, I ended up spooning the liquidy frosting over the top. I quickly stuck on the eyes, nose, tummy, tuft of “feathers” (jellybeans) and eyebrows then stuck it back in the freezer.
Once the frosting had set, I piped little black eyes and put them back in the freezer. I had a heck of a time finding black licorice, so in reality those were the very last things to go on. I thought I had a genius idea of buying this stuff

Wilton Icing - Ready-to-Use - Tube - Black 704-453

to pipe into lines and freeze to use as the eyebrows. Total fail. It never set up completely, and was too gummy to peel off the parchment paper. I sent Gary out to find those stupid licorice ropes. He finally located them at Harmon’s. In case you’re in my area, don’t try looking at Smith’s, Walmart, or Whole Foods. You will be wasting your time. 

I also had the following ideas: cut black licorice (ala Twizzlers) into thin strips, use a Tootsie Roll and roll it kindergarten-snake-style and cut into small pieces, or making black fondant. Any of these ideas may have worked. Let me know if you try them, okay? 

But seriously: you need the eyebrows. Otherwise they just look like personality-less birds. The certainly won’t look angry! And: applying the eyebrows will make you giggle. They look so angry!

Now, you can’t have birds that are angry for no good reason! Our birds are Angry at pigs, right? So you need to make some pigs, obviously. The pigs I did almost opposite of the birds. Rather than dipping them in frosting then adhering candy, most of the candy went on first. I melted the frosting and used that as a “glue” to stick half of a marshmallow to the blob of frosting on top of the cupcake. I also used it to glue in two little jellybean “ears.” I then put the little piggies in the freezer, pulled them out a few minutes later and dipped/poured on the frosting. Then I stuck whole mini marshmallows to the sides of the nose for eyes, and pushed in some mini chocolate chips for nostrils.
Over all, the Angry Bird cupcakes were a hit. Just right for my favorite eleven year old pre-teen!
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