Kidoodle.TV Review: Kid-Friendly Screen Time (Sponsored)


Disclosure: I participated in a Blog Blast program on behalf of Mom Central Consulting for Kidoodle.TV. I received a promotional item and a free trial as a thank you for participating.

It’s no secret that I let my kids watch TV. We don’t have cable, so we depend on internet streaming services to bring entertainment in our home. I’ve become increasingly frustrated with my limited abilities to censor the TV my children can watch as well as the amount of screen time they receive each day.


That’s why I was excited to review Kidoodle.TV. It’s a whole new ball game for parents looking to grab five minutes (or more!) of peace and quiet. Kidoodle.TV is a child-specific television streaming service. Whether your kids watch online or on your iPad, you can tailor their TV viewing down to each individual child (up to five kids). You can limit their time allowed each day (awesome!), you can filter shows based on age, and my favorite feature; you can prohibit any specific show you don’t want your child watching! These controls are password protected, so even your tech genius kiddo can’t switch them around. Kidoodle.TV offers a bright, children-friendly interface that is easy to navigate so you can sleep on the couch do the dishes for an uninterrupted five or more minutes!

Kidoodle.TV Giveaway

You can try Kidoodle.TV for free for the remainder of December! No credit card required. Starting Jan. 1, Kidoodle.TV is a mere $4.99 a month, well worth the sanity it provides. Kidoodle.TV is also hosting a seriously awesome giveaway: try Kidoodle.TV through the month of December and you’ll be entered to win 1 of 10 tablets or 1 of 10 yearlong subscriptions to Kidoodle.TV!

You can follow Kidoodle.TV on Twitter or Facebook for more information!


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