All right, who wet the bed??

There are times in life when you really start questioning your own well being. Last night this morning was one of those times. I woke up about six a.m. to find the blanket was a bit wet. Odd. I rolled over, to find my sheet was a bit wet. Then I realized my pajamas were also wet. What the…?

Getting out of bed, I smelled the sheet. The undeniable ammonia smell of urine hit me in the face. Nicole, who had climbed into my bed hours before, was nowhere to be found, and I was soaking wet.
{Did I do that??}
I did a quick underwear check. Nope, wasn’t me.

Yes, I seriously had to check.

Nicole, three and a half, has been potty trained for well over a year now. She has never, not even once, wet the bed. Great place to start, hmm? In my bed! I went into her room and she was peacefully curled up with her new Little Mermaid quilt I made for her. She has also never voluntarily given up her preferred sleeping spot–my bed–so I sent a quick text to Gary (long since at work) to see if he had moved her when he left. No, he replied. He hadn’t.

I started to worry that Nicole was sleeping in wet clothes, not even realizing she had wet herself. I checked on her–beneath the blanket was a bare bum. Going downstairs to shower (because a, our bathroom upstairs will never ever ever be finished and b, I was sticky with you-know-what) I saw her pile of discarded wet clothes by the toilet. Apparently she wet herself, came to the potty, removed her clothes, then climbed back to bed.
Not surprising: my bed was all wet! 

The good news is, I still have complete control over my bladder.
{I was a little worried about that.} 
The bad news is, Nicole wet the bed.
{I’m hoping it was a one-time occurrence.}
The other bad news is, since I woke up so early to shower, I fell back asleep -on the couch- and was woken by my early-riser-Jordan, 5 minutes before we should leave for school.

Have you ever had a bizarre situation in the middle of the night? (Hey, if it’s dark, it’s the middle of the night, okay?) Does it screw up your whole day, or do you roll with the punches?

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6 Responses to All right, who wet the bed??

  1. Emily says:

    My sister is always teasing me that I’m pregnant–which I’m probably not, and it doesn’t make me sad, so don’t worry about that. Last night I had a dream that I was pregnant. When I woke up it took me FOREVER to figure out that it was a dream! That was quite a shock to not know.

    • I *hate* that. It’s always the best news in the dream too, and then it’s a bummer to wake up. I had a dream like that recently… what was it? I think I won tons of money or something. Then I woke up feeling great, like all my problems were solved then… oh wait. Nope, still poor!!

  2. Heidi says:

    Isn’t it sweet how she didn’t want to disturb your sleep? :-)

    It must be an age or growing thing…my 3 (4 in January) old has been wetting the bed more often than not the past two weeks. She has not ever had a problem with it since potty-training either. I have been watching her liquids at night and making sure she goes tinkle before getting tucked in…but the bed is still wet in the morning. I have decided that my little girl is either stressed out (who wouldn’t be when you haven’t lived in your own house for almost 3 months), or she is growing and her bladder and or muscles are having a hard time controlling. What-ever-the-case-may-be I hope it ends soon!!
    Oh…and I hope that you have dry mornings from here on out!

    Happy Day!

    • Mine will be 4 in January too! She didn’t wet the bed last night so HOPEFULLY it was a one time deal. We’ll see… if it continues to happen I’m sure I’ll whine more about it on my blog. (By the way I LOVE the button you have on your blog: I blog to hide from the laundry! SOOOO TRUE! I also love your blog! You’re not in Utah by any chance are you??) Good luck with your little girl. Her pictures look SO much like my daughter. :)

  3. Messy says:

    Your blog had me laughing so hard, mostly because I could see my 3 (4 in March) year old doing that!! Yes, that would really mess up my day. I hope you bounced back ok. Best wishes!!

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