Grown Up Questions

Late last night, I lay in bed with the unsettling realization that I would not be able to fall asleep. Apparently, taking melatonin at 11 p.m. does not cancel out the fact that you chose to drink a second Diet Coke at 5 p.m. Regardless of the wisdom of that decision, I’m not sure my kids would have been fed dinner without that second Diet Coke soooo… you win some, you lose some? I guess?

As I lay in bed twiddling my thumbs, (truly. There was thumb twiddling!) I analyzed some pretty hefty questions floating around in my mind. I mentioned yesterday that we are considering a move to a new home. What I didn’t mention is that one of the considerations we are considering is making a bigger-than-average move.

My husband and I would love to be out of the Salt Lake valley. My husband wants land, to raise animals, and grow a garden. He has a goal of more sustainable living. I was raised in a smaller community and hate the idea of raising my children in a big city. The move we’re looking at is only thirty minutes away from where we are now, and will be a twenty minute commute for my husband. This is a comparatively small move for some, I know, but for us, we’ll be moving out of the range of everything we know.

I can’t help but wonder, what are the schools like in this county? Will the junior high be a good fit for my 8th grader? What is the high school like? Will it give my son the best opportunities for the future? Will the elementary school be set up to help my fifth grader with her needs? Is there an active homeschooling community for my kindergartener and I?

While a quick Google search will sort out some of these questions, nothing can answer the questions that really matter: will my kids like their new schools? Will they resent us for moving? Will they make friends? Will I?? What will I do without a Target, Old Navy, or multiple parks within walking distance?? Will I go crazy in a rural environment, especially with my husband a commute away? Oh my gosh, will I ever see my husband?

These questions feel like such big, important, grown up questions. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am finally feeling like a real live grown up. {It’s a process, you know?} The questions don’t yet have answers, so for now I will occasionally lay in bed late at night twiddling my thumbs and fretting. As for today, I will pop the top of my Diet Coke (just one, thank you!) and hope the caffeine required for today doesn’t keep me up at night again.

What grown up questions are weighing on your mind lately?


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One Response to Grown Up Questions

  1. Kris says:

    I’m kinda in the same boat. We are building our first home in Bluffdale and I am terrified that we are somehow making a wrong decision. Jordan District, I know, is supposed to be great, but so far they have caused nothing but trouble for us (my 5 year old only child is autistic and needs to be in their behavioral kindergarten program, but since our house won’t be done till October they won’t let him start there so he’s going to have to transition schools which will be a nightmare for everyone gah!!)

    Stupid life decisions. I thought being an adult would be way easier than this.

    Oh, and I’m about to start my second semester at BYU and I really, REALLY need to figure out what I want to do as a career or at least what to major in so I could someday possibly have a career. Sigh.

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