Confessions of a {Grinchy} Mom

I’m afraid I’ve been bitten by the Grinch bug this Christmas.
Not that I don’t want my kids to be happy…
but why does Christmas have to be so much work?

We didn’t get our Christmas tree up until the 11th of December.
On the 12th, I fluffed the branches out.
On the 13th, I put the lights on.
On the 14th, I full on screamed at my kids after breaking not one but
of their keepsake ornaments from Nana.
We finished decorating on the 15th.

To make sugar cookies, I’d have to do the dishes.
Then I’d have to do the dishes after, too.
And not just for the dough–there’s all those bowls of frosting, stained different colors.
There’s all the knives and spoons used for spreading the frosting.
There’s picking up the containers of sprinkles that have been dumped onto cookies and liberally spread on the table.
All in the name of Christmas.

I ought to be wrapping presents.
I can’t wrap presents with kids around and if I go to my bedroom to do it…
I give it ten minutes before someone is tattling at my door.
And by the time I come out, there’s another mess,
not just in my room with all the paper scraps,
but whatever the kids have done to “entertain” themselves while I was wrapping too
now needs to be cleaned.


I want the house clean.
I want the smell of fresh baked goodies wafting through the air.

I want presents wrapped while Christmas music plays softly in the background.
I want happy children, giddy with thoughts of Santa’s impending visit.
I want a bit of that excitement, too.
I want my husband home from work.
I want it to feel like Christmas.

But Christmas is a lot of work.

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4 Responses to Confessions of a {Grinchy} Mom

  1. Jeanine says:

    OH NO about the ornaments, I do hope they were glue-able. :o)
    Maybe Mary had the right idea in keeping them boxed away until the children were ALL gown up.
    But enjoy it while you can, one day, like us, you will be alone with your decorations, and cookies, and wrapping, and those naughty children will be all grown up hassling with children of their own! It is a vicious cycle.
    Love you!

    • One was glue-able, I’m getting quite handy with super glue. The other was one of the glass fish ornaments for the year we went to Hawaii. :( And of course, happened moments AFTER the angel ornament lost her wings and the subsequent lecture on ornaments-are-not-toys. Rebecca decided to show Nicole how you shake the glitter inside and they shook them into each other. Naturally. On the one hand I do want to box them up and save them, but I think it’s more important to let the kids enjoy them and love them. Even if I uh, lose my cool about it!

      I did a google search for both of them. I couldn’t find a replacement angel. :( And I found fish that may be similar but it was $80 for a set of 6! No thank you.

  2. Vanessa says:

    I hear you sister! I too feel overwhelmed and kind of grinchy this year, there are so many things I want my daughter to experience and remember fondly, but then if I attempt to do all the baking and such I get so grumpy and end up yelling at everyone, so instead this year we have taken it easy and focused more on the savior and the true meaning of Christmas than letting our family be caught up in the hustle and bustle of everything else (thanks for the 25 days of Mormon Christmas, they have made a huge difference)

    Hang in there and don’t get discouraged for not being super mom, we all slacker moms do a lot better when we are not stressed and overwhelmed. Plus the family appreciates your better mood way more than all the stressful (fun)stuff.

    Thanks for sharing your honest feelings and thoughts and reassuring our best efforts. You are Awesome!

    • Thanks Vanessa! I needed to hear that. Sometimes even a self-proclaimed slacker mom feels bad for being a slacker. :)

      I’m glad you’ve been enjoying the 24 Days of Mormon Christmas. I think it has helped bring a sweet focus to our holiday season. My husband and I always have to remind ourselves (usually when we are already late for church!) that it’s better to get there with the Spirit than on time and everyone looking good. ;) I think that’s true of Christmas. It’s so much better to maintain the peace in our home than get everything done “perfectly.” I already tossed perfect out the window… Now I’m just working on the peace!

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