Curricula Shopping

It’s a homeschooler’s favorite time of the year: time to pick out fresh new curricula for our cute little students! (Incidentally, it’s also a homeschooler’s husband’s least favorite time of the year…) 

Sigh. Shopping for curriculum is ever so much more exciting than actually doing school. It’s like clothing shopping, who wants to wear the clothes you actually own? Or house shopping; even if you find that dream house, someone will still have to clean it.

Really, any shopping is better than using up, making do, or doing without.

{I started this post about twelve hours ago, and I think it lost steam around line two. When I picked it up six hours ago, line three was dangling near the edge of a cliff, reading to jump. I think we’ll just end it here, and call it good.}

On that note… what have you been obsessively researching/window shopping/planning/buying??

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4 Responses to Curricula Shopping

  1. Tristan says:

    Most of our school is planned and bought for fall. I’ll have 7th, 3rd, 2nd, K, PreK, and three little boys age 2, 1, and newborn. Big curriculum for the kids includes:
    Math U See
    Apologia’s General Science for 7th grader
    The Writer’s Jungle (from Bravewriter) I also have their younger program for ideas of projects with my 3rd and under crowd (called Jot it Down).

    History is a literature list we’ll read through focused on Early American History.

    I’ve been looking at One Year Adventure Novel (for high school) and their soon-to-be released Cover Story for middle school for fun.

  2. Mark says:

    Shopping for a smart phone. Don’t ask why. You wouldn’t believe what happened to the current one.

  3. SV says:

    Lol. You summed it up pretty well. I found an AMAZING science curriculum that was like $600 for the cheapest version. Boo to not being independently wealthy. haha. My husband is one of many government employees getting furloughed this summer. A 20% pay cut for 3ish mos has meant a switch in curriculums this next year. I got everything a couple months ago in anticipation of this, so we are set. As for your question: I was recently obsessesing over cars as we needed a new (to us) car when my husband’s car had issues and needed a whole new engine. I had so many windows open for dealerships and Craiglist, KBB and Edmunds…my husband calls it Mommy Porn. It sounds awful..but he basically means whatever I’m researching instead of, like, making lunch(yay for older children who can help). It doesnt happen often…but I can sure take a subject and research it to death. lol.

  4. Sara says:

    Look into latter-day learning <3 thats who we are going with

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