Hide and (please don’t) Seek

Have you ever had one of those weeks where it just goes on and on and on like that stupid song that kids (intent on tormenting their parents) sing on car rides?

Yeah. I’m there.

My husband had a migraine on Sunday. I dragged him around to various medical places, finally ending up at the ER. A lot of money spent, little relief attained.

My stepdaughter, Rebecca, had a cough for which we finally took her to the doctor. (Money is tight so a doctor visit ends up being a “last resort.”) It was croup.

My baby had a nasty yeast infection, for which we saw the doctor. Then she got a cold–but a heavily congested cold, without the croupy cough. Finally took her into the doctor again. He called it bronchitis. I rolled my eyes and picked up a homeopathic remedy or two. Bronchitis, whether or not it existed, decided to come along with an ear infection.

Fine, I’ll fill the stupid prescription.

She’s improving, but now my three year old, Nicole, is sick. So far it doesn’t seem to be croup or bronchitis (or an ear infection or a migraine, for that matter), but she’s pretty whiny. “Mommy,” she’ll say, with big blue sad eyes, “my whole body hurts.”

Remember that migraine that didn’t go away?
Took Gary to the doctor on Wednesday after the pain and nausea developed to the point of vomiting. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him in so much pain–and he gets a lot of migraines. So I took him to the doctor where he was given a shot. The shot he gets knocks him out for twenty-four hours. On the bright side, he starts feeling better.

Between an essentially useless husband (sorry Sweetie) and at least two sick children at any given moment, it’s been a very long week. I literally don’t think I had two minutes to myself.

Last night, Gary was finally to the point of consciousness. I was so tired of whiny kids, I tried hiding under a blanket. That didn’t work because my Abigail watched me hide.

Frustrated and beyond fed up, I went out the front door. My three year old watched me walk around the corner of my house. I walked up my driveway and slipped into my car. Peace and quiet at–
the side door of the house opens.

Nicole, in her pajamas, yelling for me. I play mean mommy and keep quiet.
Then, my baby, Abigail. She follows Nicole outside. She is dressed in a shirt and a diaper. Nicole takes her by the hand. I’m impressed that she’s going to lead her back inside.
Nope. She walks with Abigail to the neighbors yard, looking for their new puppies. I wait, curious to see if my husband will notice the children have disappeared.

Abigail gets scared in the dark and heads back to the house. But she can’t open the door. She bangs on it, crying.
My mom guilt increases, and I climb out of the van to open the door. My husband has finally figured it out and is just approaching the side door to let her in.

 Okay, I’m officially annoyed with everyone, and Gary knows it. He goes back to watching Star Trek in the bedroom and tells the girls to stop bothering me.

Naturally, this is Nicole’s cue to start climbing on me. I wait until the girls are distracted, then I tell Gary I’m going on a drive. If I stay in the house (or apparently, in the driveway) for five more minutes, I’m going to lose it.

I drove across the valley and wound up at a few of my favorite stores. The kind of stores that I’d love to browse at, but with two girls as constant companions, browsing has been replaced by “don’t touch that, no you can’t have it, I’m almost done, let’s go, please stop whining, get in the car, please get in your car seat so I can buckle you…”

After a good amount of window shopping, I came home. I resisted the temptation to buy pretty things in the name of “me time,” but even still I felt better. Sometimes to be a good mommy, you need to take a moment to be a selfish mommy.

Sometimes you gotta hide, and hope and pray they won’t seek.

In case you missed my Facebook share, I wanted to repost this article. This sums up, in amazing clarity and understanding, why I am so gosh darn tired all the time.
{Also, it’s a good explanation as to why my house isn’t clean.} 

{Thanks to Kathy @Danish Mama for sharing this for me to see!}

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