Husband & Wife – A Review

*This review is purely my own, based on my own experiences, and is in no way endorsed by Husband & Wife. However, if Husband & Wife wants to endorse me, I won’t object and I’ll let you know.*

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, I believe physical intimacy is to be between a man and a woman–a married man and woman. While our beliefs are in the increasing minority throughout the world, and particularly the country, they still stand as true principles given by God. 

Just because you have one partner, doesn’t mean it can’t be fun, right? I’m not going to go into any detail whatsoever (because I know my parents read this blog!), but I will say this: I’ve been into one or two, shall we say, “adult stores,” and can I just say they are pretty icky? Just because I want a nice lingerie set for a special date doesn’t mean I should be subjected to overly graphic images. This generally means I shop the limited selection of lingerie at department stores. 

On a whim last night, while I was picking up a prescription across town with no children!, I swung into a new store I’d heard about: 
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This store piqued my interest because of a billboard I pass daily. It says “You can look now,” and promotes the store as “Classy, not Trashy.” I knew there were a couple stores down in Utah Valley so I figured it couldn’t be that bad.

I was pleasantly surprised at what I found. A clerk was available to help me, and gave me a quick tour of the store and let me know about promotions. (Lingerie sets were buy one get one half off!) They also have great wedding and anniversary deals (anyone need free lingerie?) and a variety of sizes–from size S to 5X! 

One thing I really liked about the company was that all of their games and gifts are free of graphic images and swearing. It doesn’t have the largest selection, and some of the styles I liked  didn’t have a huge variety of sizes in stock. But it felt more like I was shopping at a boutique that happened to carry items for marital improvement rather than a store I’m embarrassed just to be in! Here’s a quote from their founder: 

“Husband & Wife has been an amazing experience for us.  We are so pleased with the response that we have received and how well received the idea of a tasteful and classy approach to this industry has been. Husband & Wife is popular because of the way we do business and how we treat people. Couples enter our doors not knowing what to expect and find that their values match our values. We know that sex is a vital part of life for a healthy relationship between husband and wife and we are grateful for the opportunity to provide the tasteful alternative to traditional “sex shops.”  Sex should be exciting and fun for both of you but it doesn’t need to feel trashy or second-class. Sex between husband and wife is what creates an emotional bond of closeness that should exist in your marriage.  Discovering new ways to romance each other is what this store is all about. We get letter after letter, call after call thanking us for opening a store that has a focus on what everyone really desires in their marriage… love, friendship, romance, respect, passion and a more exciting sex life!”ho

Okay, I gotta know: was this totally TMI or would you be interested in a giveaway from Husband & Wife in the very near future?
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  1. Nicole A. H. Porter says:

    I'll be the first to vote. Yes.

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