I’m officially a “dot com.”

new site dropdown


(And can I just say gaaaaaah!!)

It’s offical. I’ve finally lifted up my skirts and trudged on over to WordPress. While I was at it, I picked up some hosting and a dot com, thanks to a totally awesome birthday present from my hubby!

Again, welcome. I’m so excited about this move, but it was definitely a headache for me. Apparently, everything that Blogger does for you is a plugin in WordPress–or worse, you have to customize the HTML! I know bits and pieces of HTML much as I know Spanish (Hola, ¿ Como estas? ¡Muy bien!), so things that would have taken my web programming brother ten minutes took me at least an hour, often much longer.  {Great week for his internet to break down, eh?}

Bear in mind this is still a work zone. Expect a little construction dust; and expect me to break my WordPress again. {The good news is, I’m getting good at UNbreaking WordPress!}

 This project has literally consumed my days and nights since my birthday. My husband is starting to regret this present as he would have preferred a clean house. But hey, his birthday is NEXT month, right?

Let me point out a few fabulous features. First, we have that nifty menu bar right across the top.

See that? You scroll on over, and many of the menu headings come with their own dropdown menu!

This feature makes it really easy to navigate the site, especially the Walk Beside Me Preschool Curriculum. Don’t get too excited, mamas, I’ve only got up to D on here–but I’ll be posting them once a week till we’ve hit Z.

Speaking of Walk Beside Me, another nifty thing I’ve done is added the Walk Beside Me Store. The curriculum is still FREE, but purchases made through my store will enrich your curriculum as well as my pocketbook–which will help me keep this program going all the way through Z! Just thinking of all the money you’re saving by not sending your child to preschool, hmm??

What else can I tell you about? Oh! I’m on TWITTER. I know, that makes me pretty 2009, but I tweet now. So be sure to tweet along with me while I don’t do the dishes, okay? If the devil loves company then, well, so does procrastination! Speaking of twitter, that brings me to another feature of the site:

I’ve updated my social media icons, and added a Twitter icon! You can still sign up for the RSS feed through your email. Below that is a nifty selection of buttons–you can click to share this site on Twitter, Facebook,  and more! Speaking of which, do you like Slacker Mom on Facebook?

After a lot of debate, I obviously decided to keep the preschool curriculum with Confessions of a Slacker Mom. Don’t worry though, there will be lots of good slackerish tales of woe and laundry! Stay tuned, it’s bound to be great.

You know, once I get around to it.


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7 Responses to I’m officially a “dot com.”

  1. Kevin says:

    New site looks great!!

  2. Carly says:

    It looks amazing!! What a good birthday present. Congrats. :)

  3. Luara says:

    Good luck with your new website.

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