Kid Hygiene: Brush Your Teeth Printable

Brush Your Teeth

I was talking to my sister-in-law about my kids’ cavities this morning. She mentioned her kids had a few cavities the last time they went to the dentist so she had to really start getting on them about flossing.
Flossing? Man, I struggle to remind them to brush!
I needed a better way to get my kids’ more concerned about their dental hygiene. We all know by now my consistency level is pretty low, so even when I try to “remember,” it’s spotty at best.

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{I barely remember where my cell phone is less than a minute after it leaves my hand.}

I wanted to come up with a painless way to reward them for brushing their teeth. I love sticker charts (grab my potty training chart here, or my morning routine chart here), so I figured, why not a brushing and flossing chart? I like to use sticker charts just long enough to start a habit. After that, the novelty has worn off, and it goes back to me trying to remember to remind them to use it.
Which defeats the purpose.
So I whipped up a quick little flossing chart. It’s bright and colorful and your kid gets a reward when the chart is full!

For all my kids struggle with brushing their teeth, they love new toothbrushes. What better reward for a full brushing and flossing chart than a brand spanking new toothbrush?? However, if your kid is resisting brushing their teeth at all, I would start by letting them pick out a new toothbrush (Spiderman or Cinderella toothbrushes, anyone?), some new kid-friendly toothpaste, and maybe some bubble gum scented floss!

Let them pick a different reward entirely, or perhaps something else teeth-related. Did you know they have pre-brushing mouthwash for kids that turns their teeth blue? When the blue is all gone, they can stop brushing!

Are you ready for your freebie? Click below to get a free printable Brush and Floss chart!

Do your kids struggle with brushing their teeth? Do you struggle to remind them?

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