Slacker Mom Does Homeschool… Kinda.

My last posts about homeschool were approximately one million years ago. Anyone who happened to read those posts since then probably pictures us, sitting daily at our dining room table, working through math facts and adorable literary themed crafts and activities.

You were wrong.

My plans are grand and typically well thought out but my brain is just a teensy bit defective, so all that energy kinda sputters and dies.

At the beginning of the year, my commitment to homeschool was really wavering, honestly. Everyone in my world was discussing kindergarten and teachers and testing and assessing and… I was just so bored at home. I went from full homeschool obsession to full quilt obsession and looking at curriculum was boo-oring and our current curriclum wasn’t working the way I imagined so I prayed about this upcoming year in a whiny kind of, “am I reeeally supposed to homeschool” sort of way and the answer was

Well, okay then. Fine. I can at least start online shopping for new and improved curriculum. I do like to shop.

My pessimism shouts, “sure, spend more money on more curriculum that you’ll be bored of by January and you’ll decide isn’t working for you and then your husband will shoot evil eye daggers at you when you suggest purchasing more curriculum so then you don’t and you just kinda ‘make it work’ but we all know that means lay on the couch and not do anything.”

My pessimism would like to add that anyone capable of writing such run-on sentences might not be the best candidate for teaching reading and writing.

Here’s what’s changed in our “kindergarten lite” curriculum, bullet point style.

  • “Lite?” More like ridiculous overkill. Seriously. Let’s play number games and read some Bob Books.
  • I more or less ditched the math curriculum in the last few weeks. Pretty dry, repetitive, and just too MUCH. Hard to explain with a bullet point, lol.
  • Five in a Row changed quite a bit and could also use a post of its own. {*Snort* Don’t wait around for that.} Basically… we read the suggested books for three to five days and that is it.
  • I stopped taking pictures because it unintentionally pressured my perfectionist daughter.
  • Calendar time got nixed due to lack of consistency and fun.
  • I really failed on teaching the Gospel the way I had hoped this year, but since I never pre-planned it, it never happened. :/
  • We still do UPSTART with Waterford’s Rusty and Rosy program but cut way back, just doing the minimum to remain in the program. (Anyone Utahns interested in knowing more about this program? Leave a comment.)
  • I GOT SMART and started using the system I had mastered for my Walk Beside Me LDS curriculum: one file folder with everything in it. I even brought back the old preschool cutting/tracing/pasting workbooks mentioned here. Every page is ready to go, organized by the week, for the remainder of the school year.
  • We still do chapter book read alouds, but we read them at bedtime, with her public schooled sister. I want them to both love books, and it’s our favorite time of the day.

Are you sensing a theme? It’s a theme I’m calling SIMPLIFICATION. Maybe I’m just too lazy to homeschool the way some of my homeschool blogger heroes do. Maybe I’m just more honest. It came down to doing the least school–and enjoying it!–or not doing it at all because it was all too much.

For anyone who thinks they couldn’t homeschool because it’s “too hard,” I want you to know that what this comes down to is that each day; we play a math game or two (more if I can maintain her attention with some apps), we read a Bob Book or other early reader, we read a picture book, a poem, and perhaps a workpage or two.

It’s bugging me that I don’t have a good paragraph to neatly tie this all together, and I’m also tempted to open Photoshop and create a little graphic to hide the fact that I have no pictures to go with this post (blame the perfectionist!), but I’m just going to hit publish or it will be the hundredth homeschool post saved in my drafts to date.

The End.

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7 Responses to Slacker Mom Does Homeschool… Kinda.

  1. Jen says:

    Hello, First of all, I wanted to let you know that I think you are so hilarious! My daughter will be starting French Immersion JK this coming Fall, here in Ontario, Canada. I find home schooling so tempting….I love teaching, creating, experimenting, and any school supply out there. My children’s playroom looks like a mini classroom. I read those home school blogs and it sounds dreamy. However I really value your vlog the most, as I think I am a lot like you. I wonder if I would go into full steam ahead then burn out, bored or be distracted? I’m like that in regular life now. I think it must take a certain personality to do homeschooling??? Any way, please keep your blogs coming…you’re so real! Cheers!

    • As a (wannabe?) homeschooler, I’d hate to think that you need a certain personality to homeschool. That means I’d fail right out the starting gate! Lol. I really think it’s about finding what works for you and your kids, which is unlikely to look like anyone else’s blog. One could look at this post and see “failure” but I like to optimistically see a readjustment to more realistic expectations. :D
      I’m so grateful you stopped by and left your comment. Homeschool has been awesome, but it’s also hard and sometimes just boring. Lol! I’m sure there will be lots of lazy homeschooling posts ahead, so come back often and get your daily dose of reality here! Haha!

  2. Abby says:

    I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your honesty! I thought I was the only homeschool mom that has issues (big ideas, but not enough energy and/or motivation or whatever). I truly love homeschooling, but it sure isn’t easy. I have had to simplify as well. If I didn’t, I would have trouble getting anything accomplished. As a side note, we started Life of Fred for our math curriculum a couple of months ago and I love it! It’s basically like reading a story to the kids one chapter at a time, with only a few questions for a each chapter. It’s super easy because it just requires the book and some paper and a pencil. Anyway, keep up the good work! I really enjoy reading your blog!

    • I’m going to have to look again at Life of Fred. I’ve glanced at it briefly, but it didn’t seem like “enough,” but I do love the idea of READING math. Thanks for the suggestion and for commenting, it means so much to me!

  3. Laurie says:

    Oh, we’re kindred spirits!! This is how I’ve been feeling about homeschooling lately! I’m finally starting to feel motivated again, but for a while there, it was a lot of unschooling that took place. :)

    • Yes, that’s exactly how I justify it some days! When my kindergartner and three year old spend the day playoff, we’re not being lazy, we’re unschooling. After all, isn’t play the most important work a child does?? ;)

      I do think winter kinda drains homeschool motivation. Suddenly it’s spring, and we want to finish off the year with a bang – so we can start planning fall! Lol.

  4. Becky says:

    Thanks for the Honesty. A recommendation for simplifying homeschool for MOM is to use Easy Peasy Homeschool. Its FREE! Fully planned day by day, and she even links to Your Letter of the Week Letter Finder document in her preschool curriculum!! Thanks for all your hard work!!

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