“Terrible Twos” Study

Innocent Subject

Over the past two years, I have been conducting a research study on the existence of the Terrible Twos. Some say they don’t exist, it’s an old wives tale. Some say they are just the byproduct of developmental crap. To those who don’t believe in the terrible twos and the ability for a child to go out of her way to make your life harder, I give you:

Exhibit A.

Don’t be fooled by the innocent smile (or the rash from soy yogurt with milk in it–what the heck?!). This subject is out to thwart your every effort at maintaining sanity.

Case Study 1.

Subject: “Mommy!… Mommy! Mommy!”
Researcher: “What, ___________” (Name has been omitted to protect the innocence of the researcher.)
Subject pauses, looks annoyed.
Subject: “I talkin’ t’ Daddy!”

Clearly, this evidence alone proves the existence of the Terrible Twos. However, we have further evidence with an additional subject. This case study was initialized over two years ago, yet the researchers are still undergoing intensive therapy efforts to undo the traumatic effects.

Case Study 2.

{Watch the very end.} 

The researchers are only halfway through their research, but feel this is overwhelming evidence that toddlers are out to drive their parents to the very brink of their sanity.
Good luck.

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7 Responses to “Terrible Twos” Study

  1. Lauralee says:

    I think to root of terrible twos it the fact that the can’t communicate to adults the way they want to.

    In note from the comment about the diary in the soy milk from your picture. My kids are both allergic to milk and get hives and eczema from it. They both drink goats milk. Have you tried that?

    • My daughter is allergic to eggs, almonds, and dairy. My father in law is allergic to milk and he can’t tolerate any milk from animals so I never even tried goats milk. I was SHOCKED that O’Soy yogurt from Stoneyfield Farms had soy cultures “grown in milk.” Supposedly the cultures eat the milk and therefore barely any milk remains… but it gave her a rash anyway. She’s definitely in the hives/eczema group.

      You know, I know terrible twos are generally due to communication issues but my oldest was *extremely* verbal, plus she signed like crazy. I was often told that I would have hardly any issues with the “twos” because she could communicate so well. If that’s true.. I hate to see what she would have been like without signing. I barely made it through her twos alive!! Lol.

    • Tenerezza says:

      My advice for the reeadr is to first off give herself some praise for taking the time to be such a nurturing parent and to create that strong bond with her baby. She may rest assured that as her child becomes more exploratory and indepedent , he/ she will return again and again to the security of that bond. Of course what Emily quoted is also true, we are essentially experiencing a lot of loss as our children grow- loss of that particular phase, of the holding / baby stage, (there are so many!) We can honor the losses and be more mindful in doing so, yet hopefully not dwell there. A book that continue to help be in becoming more mindful (reading it in bits and pieces myself) and aware of my OWN triggers in parenting is Giving the Love that Heals by Harville Hendrix (founder of Imago Relationship Therapy). I can’t say enough about this book. His theory is that where you have the most difficulty as a parent (letting go at a particular stage for example) is where something important happened in your own development / your own child / parent relationship. Its fascinating. But deep. Thank you for a thought provoking post Emily!

  2. tnt says:

    Just found your site and LOVE your Walk Beside Me Curriculum. I’ve been using pieces of COAH’s curriculum with my boys for about a year and half now and am thrilled to find these gems to accompany what we’ve done there! You are to be praised for your creativity and effort! THANK YOU for sharing what you’ve done!

    • Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I’m so glad you’re loving this as a compliment to Confessions of a Homeschooler’s stuff. She is AMAZING, and had I not wanted to include the Gospel in there too, I never would have even opened Photoshop to create my own. I definitely use her stuff ALL the time. Thanks for the sweet compliments!!

  3. Hilary says:

    So glad to read this today! My youngest child just turned 2 and over the past few weeks I totally remember what I dealt with when her older brother was 2. I try very hard to enjoy every age and stage of my children, but the age of 2 is impossible!! I don’t want to wish this year away at all, but I can’t wait for the screaming/drama/mood changes/tantrums to become a thing of the past.

    • RIGHT?? I was a nanny and somehow it worked out that I never worked with two year olds and that period was overwhelming. I’m not super excited to be entering it AGAIN but so far my second child is less stubborn/strong willed than my first, PLUS I have more experience now. Here’s hoping I survive. And you too!! Thanks for stopping by. ;)

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