This is Not a Homeschool Blog.

I feel the need to clarify why I’m posting two posts today. This is something I rarely do. In fact, lately I’m lucky to get out the Monday-Friday posts I aim for posting! The short reason is this: this is not a homeschool blog.

Some of you come here for LDS/homeschool goodness, and that’s great. A lot of you come here for the slacker mom realism I try to serve up, when I’m not busy napping, and that’s totally awesome too. And some of you seem to come here because you hate laundry as badly as I do and frankly, you can only pin stuff for so long. We procrastinate life together. That’s good with me. (I suspect I’d have a few more ADHD readers, but I think they’re all distracted?)

This Friday I will be launching a weekly (ha! ha ha!) series I’m calling “Friday Flashback.” (My take on this Weekly Wrap Up link up.) It will somewhat chronicle our homeschooling journey–the ups, the downs, the slacker-y, and the super. Some of you won’t get into posts like that. I just wanted to let you know…

this is not a homeschool blog. 

If you’re feeling bad about yourself for ANY REASON EVER while on my blog, tell me. If you feel like no one who homeschools could possibly be a slacker mom, . If I start magically posting about how clean my house is, or tips and tutorials on perfecting make up, or step by step tutorials on throwing the best children’s birthday party with handmade party favors and the decadent dessert table, then sweetie, you’re at the wrong blog!

This blog is, at its heart, a down to earth, real life chronicle of… well, my life. In all its disorganized chaotic messiness. I may post recipes, the rare craft, and perhaps some printables, but trust me when I say to you:

my kitchen is still a mess.
the laundry still hasn’t been done.
the kids ate cheerios for breakfast and froot loops for lunch.
and I still have no idea what’s for dinner. 

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