To Do List

Today I need to:

  • Go to the bank and ask them to refund the money spent on my debit card in my stolen purse.
  • Go to the DMV (ugh) and get a new license.
  • Pick up a new Epi-Pen to replace the one in my stolen purse.
  • Clean the kitchen, really, really need to do this
  • Finish a totally cute (hopefully!) LDS printable to post tomorrow :)
  • Do school with my kindergartener.
  • Go to the library, as promised to my kindergartener (unless she forgot??)
  • Meet my husband in two hours for a consultation about his probable sleep apnea
  • Be home at 3 when my kids get home from school.
Today I have: 
  • Dozed in bed while my toddler watched TV
  • Dozed on the couch/played on my phone while my girls colored with a permanent marker (I can’t see this going badly, can you?)
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