Walk Beside Me Preschool FAQ

Hello there.

I’m an LDS Mom with a clever 3.5 year old that is beyond ready for preschool. I’m also cheap, and a big proponent of homeschooling. The idea of sending my daughter to preschool was less than ideal.

I loved many of the online preschool curriculums, but I couldn’t find any LDS based curriculums. There were plenty of bible-based curriculums, but nothing that touched on the Book of Mormon. With this in mind, I set out to create my own letter of the week preschool curriculum. I was greatly influenced and inspired by the Confessions of a Homeschooler blog (blog names completely coincidental, I swear!), but with an LDS twist.

How much is it?

Free. I can’t afford to pay, so why should I make you? Plus, I do not own the copyright of the clipart used. Please review my terms of use included in each packet. I will ask you to look over the Walk Beside Me Preschool Store. Purchasing these items {recommended for the Walk Beside Me program} through my store helps support this site!

How do I ‘teach’ a preschooler?

Good question. Preschoolers, in my experience, love to learn. Guess how preschoolers learn? Playing! My curriculum is mainly printables, but the schedule provided includes plenty of activities to do with your child. Start each week by introducing the Gospel theme as a story. An auditory learner might enjoy just sitting and hearing the story, a visual learner might need pictures, and a tactile learner would love to help you act it out with paper bag puppets! Better yet, use all three. After your child has heard the story, then begin with the coordinating worksheets. They are excited to see the characters from the story on their school work!

How do I schedule the day?

First, I don’t believe a child should be stuck “learning” in one place for very long. I keep it fairly simple. We have a prayer, a song, and recite the scripture. We discuss the weather and date. Then we move to our school table for school work. I have a workbox system with 8 boxes for my preschooler. Go with what works for your child–if your child is a mover, schedule plenty of movement activities. If your child enjoys working towards a prize or a treat, schedule something fun in the last boxes. For my daughter, I try to schedule “work” followed by “fun,” and repeat! The post for B is for Baptism offers lots of daily scheduling ideas too.

How often should I do ‘preschool?’

I have provided a schedule for a 3 day a week preschool. Do more if your child is ready for more, or needs shorter days. Do less if you have less time or if it works better for your child.

Can I do a co-op with this program? Can I share it with a friend?

Yes. However, the name Confessions of a Slacker Mom or in some cases, Slacker Mom Does Homeschool, needs to remain on the worksheets. You are free to print out additional copies to share with a friend or a preschool. You may not sell them or offer them for free via a website, blog, or email. Please refer people to this blog where they may print out their own curriculum! Please refer them to the blog posts themselves, not the download links.

How old should my child be?

This program was designed for my advanced 3.5 year old. I think, with minor adjustments, it would suit most children ages 3-5 year old. You can obviously use it as a supplement/review for older children, or print out specific worksheets that may work for a younger child. You know your child best; you can always try printing off a few worksheets and seeing if your child is interested. If your child does not interested, it may be worth trying again in a few months!

Where do I start?

Start here; at the introduction page. This will give you a little more information on the Walk Beside Me curriculum. Then, head over to the schedule page. I have created this based on a 3 day a week, 8 “boxes” a day preschool. It gives you an idea of how to set up your curriculum, as well as fun projects that coordinate with the focus letter of the week. The schedule posted currently goes from A-N, more will be added later on. From there, start at the beginning: the letter A of course! This is also the only page that gives you an idea of what each weekly printable set will look like. You can access the rest of the Letters from my handy drop down menu, under Preschool Curriculum.

I’m on a budget; what do I need?

Welcome to my world (the world I often ignore!). What do you honestly need to do a program like this? Access to a printer. Preferably color, because the program is so darn cute, and certain pages really require color. That said, I have a laser printer. I either skip the pages that need color or I’ll print them off at my mom’s house in a batch.

Your child will also need a writing utensil and crayons. To do everything listed on the weekly schedule, refer to the schedule post. This includes BOB Books, the tracing book, and more. But guess what? Versions of these are available for free all over the web! Google “preschool scissor worksheet” and print away. You would also need things like glue, safety scissors, scissors for you, basic craft supplies, and a variety of somewhat educational games. But that’s optional! 

You don’t have the week I need published.

Looking for a specific “letter” that’s not on the site yet? Please be patient–they will come. If you are really in a tight spot (for some reason?) email me and I’ll see what I can do! I plan to put out one letter per week.

You didn’t answer my question!

Keep in mind, I’m human. I’ve done this program as a labor of love and offer it to you for free. Please expect errors; but kindly notify me if you find any. Please be patient if I don’t get the letters out as planned on a weekly basis, I do have young children with lots and lots of needs.  Please feel free to email me at sarah@confessionsofaslackermom.com. I answer questions pretty quickly.

I hope you have a great time exploring gospel topics and early reading and math skills with your young child. If you use this program, I’d love to hear about your experience!

39 Responses to Walk Beside Me Preschool FAQ

  1. I am so impressed by the work you have done. I have been looking forward to teaching my little daughter preschool, but wanted to use some of this precious time to teach principles from the Book of Mormon. Thanks for everything you do to get this together. I’m so excited to begin!


  2. Crystal says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I too have an advanced 3.5 year old, I have been doing the confessions of a home schooler program and have really wanted to teach with a more LDS focus and have made a few myself but with my work I just haven’t had the time, I really look forward to using your work! And passing on your blog to others!!

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  4. Lisa Maynard says:

    I am definitively going to check this out! My three year old is very advanced. I am using year 0 with him from Amblesideonline.org. I am excited to add some church aspects to our study. He already knows his letters and sounds but this sounds fun!

  5. Cary says:

    Thank you so much for all of your hard work and for sharing it with the rest of us! I am trying to start a small co-op with a few other pre-school aged children from our ward and was very happy to find your LDS-based curriculum. You and your hard work are an answer to my prayers! Thank you so much!!!

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  11. Stefanie Gillespie says:

    I have used your program a bit for my preschooler but am hoping to keep my kids up academically over the summer. I have been searching for things like sight word Mormon stories or math word problems using LDS characters etc. Even reading comprehension questions from easy reader passages of BOM stories…have you seen any of those things in your searches? Are you planning to alter / add to your current program as your child grows and progresses?!


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